Call for action

For the past many months, data accompanied with pictures about Kisoro and its people have been circulating in media and social platforms revealing how that district has been under trouble due to the problem of lack water, and there has never been any effective intervention for such a challenge that has persisted over a long period of time. Last weekend (10th and 11th, September, 2016), I and a close friend called Muhawe Edson initiated a campaign to mobilize and organize all efforts necessary to find a solution to this water stress in Kisoro. According to many research evidences, the district of Kisoro has been having no access to safe drinking water for many years, with some sub counties having access as low as 7% (For example, Muramba and Nyarusiza). This severe water shortage, usually worsened during dry spells or seasons has resulted in many economical, social, and healthy related challenges that greatly affect the people’s development and living.

We have created the facebook group called SAVE KISORO WATER STRESS CAMPAIGN and the whatsapp group called KISORO NEEDS WATER, and we intend to mobilize and organize all people, including politicians, leaders of all sorts, companies, individuals, and all of us in a one united team advocating and finding a solution to the water shortage in Kisoro. So far, about 100 people, including honorable Rose Kabageni, Kisoro District chairperson (Mr. Abel Bizimana), Mayor (Mr. Ndyana Richard), UBC radio presenter (Jenipher Ntakirutimana) and other interested members have joined the facebook and whatsap groups and many more are coming on board. The discussion regarding finding an everlasting solution for our district is already hot and we kindly request that you join us.

We collectively proposed to first do sensitization and enrollment of people into our campaign, and then we will have our first meeting both here in Kampala and Kisoro. In the meeting, members will all select and decide on their leadership in this project, and put forward different special teams for special activities like research, consultations, public relations, continuous sensitization, and so much more as members will feel important.

Yes, I have never seen a united force failing at anything. We believe that if we can come together, plan together, design our plan in an organized project proposal document, and use the influence of all people involved, and storm the right offices, companies, ministries, or even individuals, we will definitely find an answer to the trouble of water shortage that has haunted the people of Kisoro for many years. And remember that where people come together and agree on something, even God is amidst them. So wherever you are and whatever you do, we kindly call upon you to join the facebook and whatsapp groups and be part of the ongoing discussion and idea generation.

CONTACTS; you can reach either me or Edson on the following contacts
1.     NEMEYIMANA VICENT, +256784948756,
2.     MUHAWE EDSON, +256784333633,


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