Friends, as we all know, I and Amulen Winfred, started THE COMPLETE YOU PROJECT exactly 2 years ago on 05/09/2014. Our mission has been to empower people, including ourselves to live complete lives through information and life changing truths. Really, it has been so good and we have shared as many inspirational, motivational, and life changing articles as much as possible. In that same spirit and in pursue of the same mission, we have felt it fitting to change this movement from being just a project to becoming a MINISTRY (01/09/2016). We had already explained that to live a complete life means to get empowered in all life aspects that make us complete and happy. These aspects include spiritual, economical, social, love and relationships, civics, politics, and leadership, body health and so much more, and our ministry will continue empowering all lives across the globe in all these aspects through information sharing and appropriate projects.

There is something new we plan to introduce; while we have for the last 2 years used social media and the blog to share these life transforming messages with the world, we hope to include different people and do even physical community outreaches. In other words, while we alone worked on the mission, we would love to partner with others and make this ministry a broad and satisfying one to others. For this reason, we call upon writers, speakers, leaders of all sorts, public health advocates and activists, gospel preachers and singers in all your capacities to partner with us and we all push on the mission of transforming our societies through the power of information, the power of truth that sets man free. We are starting with this New Year 2017, and we welcome everyone on board.

Remember, this is not a religious ministry or a church ministry; it is just a movement to build up our communities into societies with positive minds of positive changes and living in peace, harmony, and happiness. However, we shall strictly adhere to the principles of Christianity and everything we plan and do shall be to glorify the name of God. For those who wanna be part of us and all those who wanna enjoy our new activities in these coming years, just stay hooked up on our blog and our social media pages, we will keep you in the loop.

Let us remind ourselves of our mission, vision and goals;

THE MISSION:         
To revive the world back to the complete life that God meant for us when He said, “I came to give life-life in all its fullness”.
To see an empowered society that celebrates life of each community member and works towards peace, harmony, and happiness of everyone.
1.      Helping the world come up with the true meaning of life and adapt the right ways to acquire and maintain it through positive mindset and creative thinking.
2.      Empowering people in all aspects that make life a beautiful thing to enjoy by sharing both motivating and inspiring messages and solutions across the globe.
3.      Taking on projects of training leaders of all types, inspirational and motivational speakers, and changing lives of people through information sharing.
4.      Enabling collaboration with the government and other private wings as long as they have the same vision or mission.
5.      Helping people develop and use their talents and gifts for positive society change and personal development.


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