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What is love? Understanding the depth of true and genuine love

Amulen Winfred's Bridal shower, 24/11/2016: EMERALD hotel, Kampala (From 6:30-10:30pm)

"Respect authorities, all authority comes from God"

Exploring the depth of love, life & happiness through faith

Tithing and the bible; the truth

The unchanging God: What Does It Mean That God Does Not Change?

We do not quit, do we? We are Warriors and not just survivors.

Things could have been worse

There is always a choice

Some situations won't be controlled at all, just let them be.

“With increased power comes increased responsibility”

The Marvelous introduction/Giveaway ceremony of Amulen Winfred introducing her man, Nemeyimana Vicent at their home, Bugiri, 24/09/2016

Don’t let the enemy pin you to the bad past

Medieval/Christian philosophy: Is Christian active faith at stake?

Is there absolute Objectivity? Is truth objective?

Exploiting sinners’ situations for self gains

Dealing with feelings of unworthiness

Earning more of God's favor: Knowledge of him

Double sinning: Leaving true God & following false gods Jeremiah 2:10-13

Desperate questions meet desperate answers

Feelings of being a burden to others

Can the bible be read, understood & interpreted by everyone?

Hillary Clinton's full concession speech

Us President Donald J. Trump's victory speech

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