Amulen Winfred's Bridal shower, 24/11/2016: EMERALD hotel, Kampala (From 6:30-10:30pm)

 Amulen is blessed with marvelous friends for she is marvelous herself. Anyway, as we embarked on preparing for our wedding (due to take place on 10/12/2016), her friends and I secretly prepared to surprise her with bridal shower on the Thursday evening of 24/11/2016 at Emerald hotel, Kampala.
After securing and arranging the venue well, her friends (Maggie, Rose, Mahoro, Agnes, Mollen, Flora, Babirye, Nakato, and Unice) went and decorated the table with a great cake and drinks and then called me to take her.

All I did was tell her that I was taking her somewhere. As always, she trusts me with her life just I do her with mine. So all she did was follow me; when we had just reached the venue, I handed her over to Maggie and lied that I was going for short call. She never saw me again.

When she knocked on the door at 10:30pm, she was so happy and so excited and so grateful that we had thought about her that much. But was it much? No, she just deserved it and even more. The photos give a picture of the bridal shower went on.


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