Does God really exist?

Does God really Exist?
Over the centuries, so many people have argued that God does not exist and they have displayed their reasoning basing on science, theology, philosophy, geology and all sorts of education material and, to an extent, have convinced many more. When I was born, it was just yesterday, I found some believing that God exists and others that He doesn’t. And even today someone out there is still wondering what the truth could be. I am sure the above question has ever been addressed a thousand and more times by even the greatest scholars of the time but since there is a multitude that doesn’t know the right answer still, it won’t be a wastage to bring it to you plainly and in our modern easy version. It won’t be different at all, I am gonna use the same subjects and literature to reveal the truth.
In the book, Genesis and space-time, William Edwards cites that both science and bible share a common point in reference to the truth. The biblical God is characterized by truth and it is the pursuit of truth which is the fundamental object of science. Thus if God of the bible truly exists, we are propelled to say that everything that surrounds us proves that truth, a fact that should not bring conflicts between science and the bible, but instead should unite them. Actually, I think that a scientist who understands how the heart pumps blood around the body, how the kidneys control blood pressure, how our blood is constantly manufactured and how mountains and hills came into existence should be at a higher level of faith than the common man who can’t see these wonders. But the words were true, “they have eyes, but they don’t see”.

There is something that makes me wonder: Many of those who claim to be atheists whether in history or today always argue about the existence of God while pointing at the evil and sort of mess that HE seems to have failed to correct and they rarely push the point towards some wonders and great architecture in the creation, a thing which I cite as grudge (personal) against GOD. And while they confess to apply reasoning or philosophy to prove this out, their reasoning is driven by emotions of having lost someone dearly loved or seen any great mess or calamity somewhere and, according to them, GOD was quite about that (for example, the existence of evil). To them, if God is as good and powerful as we claim, how come the world is in mess?

In the scientific and fictional movie, Fringe, Dr. Walter is quoted commenting on a certain scientific design as, “This is too perfect to be natural”. The simple meaning is that by keenly looking at the design of everything, including the evil, man can easily understand that someone superpower or supernatural or better than the common man is responsible. It is one of the most careless deductions of thinking and mindful person finding out any design and considers it to have just happened without anyone’s hand, a thing that some people have theorized to push God out of the creation story. Indeed, it lack of insight and gratefulness that would cause anyone not to think of a maker or designer or creator behind a beautiful design or creation found. How mean and selfish man can be to see all the beauty around and still attach to some kind of accident!

The big bang theory that most of us rely on has a lot of scientific facts and which are true, but its origin hangs out. Science, though relied upon for many explanations, is not as accurate as theoretical mathematics. This is because the experiments, observations, and perceptions that science bases on to make conclusions can easily be corrupted by errors or corrupted mind as seen in magic. The theory above speculates that at one point back in time, all matter in the universe was contained in a single point, which is considered as the beginning of universe over the next millions and millions of years. According to wikipedia, modern measurements place this moment at approximately 13.8 billion years ago, this is thus considered as the age of the earth.
Where is the loophole in this theory? From the book, genesis and space-time, Edwards argues the point like this; a tossed coin has equal chance of showing up the heads or tails whenever it lands, though the last ten throws could have landed heads up. If coincidences never happened, then the only satisfactory explanation would be that some outside force or influence was at work leveraging events. Going back to the theory, infinite number of monkeys bashing away on an infinite number of typewriters will ultimately produce the complete works of Shakespeare. This is because there is only a finite number of letters which makeup the Shakespeare plays. So, given infinity of time and resources, random process would eventually turn up that very combination of letters. In the same way, the theory argues that, the rolling of a biological dice would eventually produce DNA necessary for evolutionary processes that established life upon earth.However, since our earth has not lived for an infinite years as we earlier saw, then it is highly possible that those years would elapse before the dice number that stands for DNA shows up just as the number 6 may not come up within the six rolls of a die. It is thus likely that insufficient time has elapsed for random processes to produce DNA, assuming of course that random processes are all that is involved. Thus, any explanation for the existence of earth or life based on probability is just ambiguous.
In the novel, Flatland, Edwin A Abbott designs how creatures of few dimensions couldn’t even fathom the existence of those with many dimensions. Translated to the biblical context, we would refer to the passages that forbid a pot to ask the maker what he would want to make. As further illustrated by A. Edwards, “if our four dimensions earth came into existence at the instant of big bang as scientists suggest, then we need at least five dimensions to explain where the big bang took place. Thus, it seems that no matter how far we push back the frontier of our knowledge; ultimately we will always have a beginning still waiting to be explained. From the above insights, I am confident to say that Darwin’s science of natural selection, Galileo’s insights, Albert Einstein’s laws and Isaac Newton’s laws of gravity have nothing to oppose against the existence of super being. This is simply because they simply reveal what from the earliest of times has kept us going; our earth not melting away and people becoming better and better to survive even in the hardest situations but do not explain the holder or the founder of what they discovered and yet the operation of all these scientific principles are too perfect to be an accident (“God doesn't play dice with the world”-Albert Einstein).
Aristotle makes it clear, “there must have been a first cause which was not caused by anything else if we are to be able to explain allthe subsequent causes” which simply means that you may keep your arguments high that God never exists until you get pressed against the wall and realize that reasoning no longer has answers but faith. And Leibnitz sums it up, “in fact, the proposal that God was present at the absolute beginning, not created, but pre-existent and infinite, and all that exists was created by Him is the only explanation which permits us to escape from the infinity circle. Are you still lingering out within the infinity circle?
Finally, both science and bible prove to us that God exists by revealing the design in everything. Considering science, we do not get final explanations of what it calls limits. What is better with the bible is that it advocates for faith where it can no longer give direct answers, a fact that science (Oh no, not true science but pseudo scientists) adamantly refuses yet it has failed to prove anything. That is how we know that God exists: There was a beginning of everything and a designer of what we began with. It is clear to all of us that not even scientists or geologists can explain such a beginning, and our best explanation remains God. Yes, He is our beginning and end and none was not created by Him.
The Complete You Ministry,
God bless you


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