Earning more of God's favor: Knowledge of him

Many people, many Christians think that we can increase God's favors by being nice, praying a lot, giving enough, forgiving many, spreading the gospel, and doing all kinds of sacrifices for God's Kingdom, but that is not true. We receive God's favors through grace. However, the truth is we can increase or decrease God's favors and blessings and we are looking at how to do that today. Those who proclaim the gospel of grace almost make us lose the point too. They convince us that we just have to sit and not do anything. If God is to bless you, He will and if He won't bless you, he won't. Just sit and do nothing. I am afraid this is not the whole truth too.

Favors through work or just grace? 

Just like salvation, forgiveness or anything that we receive through grace, faith is the only channel. This does mean that we totally do nothing, we believe. Can believing happen without first knowing Him? To be sure, after we have heard or met Jesus, we believe in Him. And then how do we meet Jesus or hear about Him? We can meet God in scriptures, through others, and even directly from Him as He confronted Paul. Remember, even nature, trees and mountains, stones and animals all speak God's word and nature (Romans chapter 1). 

This brings us to our point: The knowledge of Him, knowing God and His nature.

We can increase our favors by knowing more of Him for it is through our knowledge of Him that we can have faith. And we all know our blessings increase with our faith. You can determine how much you want to be by how much you believe. Listen, this must not be hard for you to see. When we know much of Him, we get much from Him. 

Listen, many of us do not benefit from God simply because we do not know how much He can give us so we decline and others increase yet we work for the same God. Knowing much of God does not mean reading more about Him or studying him, it simply means a personal understanding, experience and relationship with him. Do not get surprised if a casual Christian gets more from Him than her pastor or a theologian! 

To make things clear, I have to discuss two types of faith or grace. There is that grace or faith given to us without our involvement. While we are still in darkness, he blesses us. We can call this, General Grace or general favors. These kinds of favors embrace us all whether we know him or not. Take an example of rain and sunshine. Take an example of life, I mean the air we breathe, the blood we depend on, the food we eat and all those priceless gifts and talents. We get such favors without our involvement. God blessed us already from beginning before we even could ask for anything.

The second type of graces or favors are those we individually receive for our specific and personal faith with God or in Him. Usually, this is what makes a difference. Listen, we can all be saved by general grace but it is individual grace that makes some Christians more fruitful than others. It is individual grace that makes some Christians prosper more than others. It is individual favors that make some Christians find employment and others die in poverty. This is what makes a difference. And if you want to increase God's favors and blessings for yourself, favors that will prosper your life, then you have to walk out of the general congregation, the general church, and start a personal discovery and relationship with God.

What are favors? 

God's blessings and favors don't necessarily have to be material or physical. Sometimes those we think are poor are more blessed than those who have a lot. This is what confuses many; we judge people's growth in God with their expansion in material acquisition or world prosperity. While material enrichment is also one way of God blessing you, there are millions other ways God's favors and blessings can be enriched in someone. 

You see, most of the times, we do not know God on personal basis; we know Him as a group. We know him in the church, at the school, in the family, and what he has done for us as His people. Any person knowing God on personal basis is different and special and in most cases not understood by his usual congregation. Usually, a group is aware of how God presents, how godly people live, an individual person has his unique way of relating and behaving with God which brings controversies in most cases among his people.

Anyway, what is the point? 

Do you want to make your life different? Do you want to prosper in business, in relationships, education, general life, and even in your own soul? Start searching and seeking God on personal basis. Tell God how you want to be following your desires, even when such desires are looked at as sins in your group, church, family or congregation. Express to God how rich you want to be in money, life, friends, and his grace. Ask for more favors each day; learn that he is a bottomless source of everything. 

The more you understand him, the more you will ask and expect much (faith) and the more you will be favored or blessed with. Remember, God’s favors are immense and can be portrayed in various ways and not limited to financial, relationship, education, and long life successes. Usually, He blesses us with what we need than what we want! Pay attention to His will as He bless and favors you all the way. 

And actually, as I write this, I see that I have underestimated Him and almost was losing out. For this reason, I am waking up again and try to understand how deep God can go just for me, and I will ask and expect Him to do me just that more. Know God more, ask Him more and get favored more, that is the truth. 

Oh God, may you favors us and enlarge our lives both spiritually and physically and also make us a blessing to others. Amen

TheComplete You Ministry, We Believe In You

God bless you


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