Feelings of being a burden to others

Yes, there is that moment, that time in life when we are dependent either on our children, our parents or friends and, when for so long we cannot stand for ourselves, we have these terrible feelings of being burdens. And you know what! They are dangerous. While it is true those friends of ours could be feeling bad about us depending on them for help, sometimes they have not yet felt the same about us. So we start Isolating ourselves, hide our pain and troubles, proclaim strength when we are weak, and hide tears when we are crying inside,  and oh how depressing it is! Yes, we all have experienced that, we all have been dependent some day or we will definitely be some day.  What can we do when we have such feelings of being burdens to others especially the people we care about?
I have been thinking about it for I have experienced a lot. Yes, sometimes my hurt tells me that may be I am becoming too much for someone. Sometimes, I feel this voice from him; you are burdening me with your issues. Sometimes, I sense him saying; by the way, what do I gain from you?  Yes, it has been a while since we became friends, but what have you done for me to qualify you for the help and needs you always ask from me?  To tell the truth, I feel these feelings and they torture me. At times, I want to stop bothering him, withdraw into myself and deal with my shit the best way I can or die with my troubles if I cannot handle them. But somehow I go to him again, and really sometimes he responds and gives me my desires and sometimes he indeed keeps quiet.  And I am sure he receives all my messages, yes God does.

But why have I kept coming or going to him? One reason is that he is responsible for me. Yes, I did not create myself and I am not totally responsible for the troubles in this world. He created me and promised me abundant life and thus he never tires of looking after me, after us.

It is important to know that every man was one day or will someday be dependent on others. Yes, there are situations that make us call for help, or support, and when such times come, it is okay to trouble people and God till your issues are done. People, I mean friends and your brothers may say; “we are not responsible for you or your troubles, but that is a lie” They are responsible for you. Keep going to them. Even when they nag, look at you with a bad eye, even when they make your calls busy, always call back till your answers are given.

I have repented this sin, this depression of feeling like I am a burden. I am not always gonna be like this, I am gonna be self reliant soon though this is not yet the time.  Meanwhile, I have to disturb people and God so they can help me live my life. Yes, whenever you have these feelings of being a burden to your child, parent or friends or even God, be reminded that you will someday be self reliant and today's situation demands that you get help; ask for it without Shame. Yes, we are all responsible for each other. We can deny it or accept it but it is the fact. Man was not meant to live in isolation but with others and solving each other’s issues is our call.

When people or friends do not avail themselves to our call, it is okay too. Just leave them and visit others, it is life.

What is the point today?  Even when people give up on us or think and feel like we are burdens, God still has time for us and is not tired of us, let us go to him. And seeing through the eyes of our God, we can accept the help and hand from our friends and relatives if situations demand so. We are not being a burden to anyone; we just love, oh no, we just cannot escape the world principle: Living for each other. We are not burdens to anyone, at least not to God. Hope you got helped.

God bless you
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