Is there absolute Objectivity? Is truth objective?

We are all coming from some side, at least bending to one side more than the other, even gods. John Piper says it well, “Everyone has where he stands in relation to everything” (paraphrased). We may know (be aware of) where we are standing or not, but the fact remains: Everyone has where he is standing.

Yes, you will meet them, I mean people who will convince you that all they do is just for you.  You will meet writers who propose that their ideas should be relied on. Yes, we are all writers just trying to defend what we believe in, and I think our objectivity is never to perfection. How about God? Is he more objective or he is subjective? Does God take his decisions basing on the absolute truth or he is subjective; considering each situation and the best way to deal with it?
I have read so many books, followed so many philosophers, motivational speakers and inspirational writers, politicians, talented orators and religion defenders or call them theologians, and I have observed one thing: Every human has a side, preferences, a belief that does him well and feels good about spreading it to others. And when I ask again, does absolute truth exist?  I think the realistic answer would be No though from another certain perspective, it is Yes. Let us look at what I am saying.

When two people or parties engage in discussion to benefit a society, their goal on paper is to pick out the real truth, the helpful facts that do not reflect their emotions, preferences or what they feel about the whole thing. And yes, sometimes they are able to convince us that our priorities were in front when they made the decisions, but is it real?  And by the way, which facts would seem helpful if our emotions, preferences and what we are is denied place in the document or argument?

Personally, I do not think God applies the truth objectively. This does not mean there is no absolute truth for God is, but the application of that truth is, from our perspective, subjective yet it is still objective and unchangeable with God. This takes me back to the woman caught in adultery, the fact is she had committed it; the law was clear and oh she deserved the exact punishment. But then God did what? The opposite, forgave the woman. What is the truth?  What if the truth we all preach actually is the fact that people are so different and complex and only a complex being can judge and understand their issues?  All we do is all we know is helpful, it is part of the real whole truth.

Look at writers or those other celebs as I listed them above. Each one of them has a volume; summary of what life is according to him, and we have listened to so many of them, and have followed their tips sometimes.  So many of my readers feel it, taste how I am justifying my point and how I am convincing the world to follow suit, but now I am wondering is it the whole truth as I shoot it out at you?  No, I do not think so; it is just part of the whole truth, the fact that truth is subjective.

Yes, I am a believer, I am a Christian and I know the one truth that Jesus died and was raised and us who believe in him will never be condemned; that is the absolute truth to me.  But is it the absolute truth to anyone else?  Not, of course.  Does it make others bad people because they do not take it the same way?  Not, of course, at least not from my perspective. How about the bible? The bible is our absolute truth and God is, at least to us who believe in it and Him. But then, how about those who do not believe in the bible?

The above explains the complex. We have absolute truth (The bible), but still this holds true to us who believe in Him only, where should the rest be? Maybe, that is why we cannot even pass completely fair judgments. Our God is diverse and so understanding that he takes in all our complex differences right from our bone marrows to how we behave towards each other, and thus the perfect judge who uses the whole absolute truth as it is exists in Him; He is the truth. Yes, he is God for all of us in our differences.

What is the point? There is no such thing as objective truth; truth should be subjective. We can present it objectively from our point of view, belief or perception, but we should not be caught in surprise if others see it the other way round.  And I believe that is the absolute truth: the fact that there is no objective truth out there. Is there a problem?

Yes, as usual with humans presented with simplicity, we exploit the subjective nature of truth and create many dimensions of it for our selfish desires; that is our sin. The sin is not in making the truth more relative or subjective, it is in exploiting such freedom, such simplicity. But then, if truth is subjective, then where do we place a person who does not see Jesus as a way to heaven? Yes, if there could be many ways of telling the truth, then how come one is regarded as wrong and the other as correct?  If truth is not objective, how do societies manage situations when everyone has a way of defining it? What makes one a sinner? It could be the exploitation of the truth, and not necessarily the subjectivity of it.  I am certainly not sure. Read on.

Personally, I think our world would be more chaotic if everyone went on and practiced on the truth he believed in. Even though it is true that truth is subjective, it would be more dangerous to have a world where every member has his own way of defining things. For this reason, nature (in my perspective, God) put up systems. Yes, some kind of freedom in thought and action is still possible and less dangerous at personal level, but at the community and society level, we must have some agreement.

While political systems, cultural and scientific systems try to define that truth on which to base decisions,  religion (in my case,  Christianity)  limits my definitions of truth to that which I believe in.  So when we look at a non saved individual (one who did not accept Jesus)  as lost sheep,  we are not necessarily saying he is having no truth, we are simply defining him basing on our boundaries (faith); the Christian doctrine. When someone rejects our preaching (in my belief, God’s teaching), he is not necessarily refusing the whole truth, but just the small part of what Christianity teaches. But since the bible (Christian faith) is, according to us who believe, the only truth that sets us free and scientific or political truth, then we are not wrong to say it is dangerous not to belong to this kind of truth. After all, bible is the seal on every other truth, which is our way, our belief.

So as a believer of the true gospel and word of God, I believe I know the truth, the absolute truth within that small fraction of Christianity and spiritual world, and the rest is not up to me to tell. And if you could ask me for a direction, it would be to increase our sect, yes you need to believe in Only Jesus as the absolute way to heaven,  the rest is not up to you. Truth is generally subjective; the bible is our objective and absolute truth. What do you think?

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