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Why we fear death and grumble over life: We were not meant to die in the first place.

The only true man's desire: our sin is not desire, but weak desire!

Ever Wondered how to discover yourself? Here are your only 3 ways of knowing yourself.

Church hopping: Is it morally/spiritually right to change your church/religion?

Why Jesus won over Satan during Temptation: He knew who He was!

What does it mean to 'Forgive And Forget?'

God's Miracles And Incurable Diseases: Can praying only cure HIV/AIDs, Fractures and other incurable diseases?

So what did Jesus mean when he said, "Do not judge"?

The kind of bragging that pleases God

Can Your Sins Make You Lose Heaven or Salvation?

What is heaven and where is it? Know now

Blame nobody, not even yourself

Escape From The Hold Of Your Bad Past

Do good women and men still exist?

Why you also can be?

Hard work pays

Tomorrow's hope

Your happiness, your motivation

Do you act or react?

Our wedding day rap, very awesome

Romance: Love your wife as Christ loved the Church (Ephesians 5:29-30)

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