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Why we fear death and grumble over life: We were not meant to die in the first place.

We fear death and even hate it not because we are simply fearful, it is because we were not meant to die in the first place. Man was created to live forever in happiness and complete fellowship with God. However, because we sinned we lost the touch with the greatest gift we ever had. Not only did we lose that eternity, we also lost our authority, the command we had over everything. We were kings and queens in palace, call it Eden.
The above loss that we made explains our grumbling, dissatisfaction with life, and all the complaints we have against life for being unfair to us. We are not just complaining, we are demanding what originally was ours. Inherently, we are meant to be immortal and kings and that is our desire always; to again have the control over everything, including death. Our true and biggest desire (this is for everyone of us) is eternal happiness in eternal glory. That is what we all long for.

The only true man's desire: our sin is not desire, but weak desire!

“Our Lord finds our desires not too strong, but too weak. We are 'half-hearted' creatures, fooling about with drink and sex and ambition when infinite joy is offered us, like an ignorant child who wants to go on making mud pies in a slum because he cannot imagine what is meant by the offer of a holiday at the sea. We are far too easily pleased”-C. S. Lewis The above words are from the great scholar and Christian expositor of all times, C.S Lewis. 

Most of us have been corrupted by our culture, family and even church leaders (I mean our religions) that our desires bring us to sin and thus we need to fight against them. While so many people have drowned i n this preaching, I do not think it is the truth that Christ taught us. Jesus Christ and the whole bible tell that we should come to God, the true provider for our desires. The whole basis of God's creation is God's glory.

Ever Wondered how to discover yourself? Here are your only 3 ways of knowing yourself.

Entrepreneurs say that a problem identified is a problem half-solved. For those who follow my writings, we discussed about the number one reason why we are not improving: We have not yet accepted that we need to. As we try to erase and do away with this predicament, we agreed that an honest introspection is important to listen to our deeper desires and follow them.
In that aspect, I promised to write an article explaining the best 3 ways we can do that introspection or know ourselves. Today is the day. Read ahead.

Church hopping: Is it morally/spiritually right to change your church/religion?

What is a church? It is simply a congregation of people who believe in Jesus Christ. And what is church hopping? It is a condition or a situation where by a person is fond of moving from one church to another. Simply, it is changing churches. For example, leaving protestant church and then join Baptist Church or Roman Catholic Church. Usually, many people do not know exactly what God says about this and somehow we find ourselves referring to such people who change churches as sinners and which could be true in some situations. So what exactly is good or bad about changing your current church and joining another one?

Why Jesus won over Satan during Temptation: He knew who He was!

Jesus, just like all of us, was also tempted. Understanding why he was able to overcome such strong temptations is important for you and me to triumphantly walk our Christian life that is full of temptations too. The questions of why and how are totally different, and the story in Luke chapter 4 seems to tell us more of how He did it and not why. Of course, the answers to the why question are also there, and we can only see them if the Holy Spirit reveals them to us. Today is the day the Holy Spirit has brought it plain, hope we get blessed with it.

What does it mean to 'Forgive And Forget?'

Many preachers have given this lesson on their pulpits but only few have ever detailed its meaning to their congregations. And as the Christians struggle to practice this conditional virtue, they are continuously disappointed to find that the flashes of their past terrible experiences keep peeping into their mind, something they had promised to forget. 

What happens next? They are thrown back into depression, into knowing that they never forgave the fellows and ultimately they were never forgiven by their God. Remember, I am referring to this virtue of forgiveness as conditional just because our God forgives when we forgive others or, rightly put, we forgive others because our God forgives us.

God's Miracles And Incurable Diseases: Can praying only cure HIV/AIDs, Fractures and other incurable diseases?

In Kampala, so many churches have demonstrated (either through lies and deception or truths) this God's unique ability of healing lame, curing HIV and cancer on spot. Most people have visited such churches of Kakande, Kayanja, Yiga, and other pastors in search of such answers. 

The question of God and miracles Most people believe that HIV and other heavy diseases cannot be healed instantly through praying only. For this reason, such miracle filled churches have been termed as originating from the devil or working on devil's power. Today, we want to look closely at what exactly is true about these unexpected or extraordinary miracles.

So what did Jesus mean when he said, "Do not judge"?

Each one of us or almost all of us has/have ever used the above words from Matthew Chapter 7:1 in defense of his sins, wrongs, and imperfections or those of his neighbors. Actually, I bet this is one of the most misquoted and misused verse in the Bible. Almost all Christians and non Christians have ever used the words or read that one verse, but few have ever taken time to even completely read that one chapter of Matthew.

So here we go; "Yes, I saw him steal the money, but who am I to judge him? After all, I am a sinner too. Maybe that is why Jesus commanded us, 'don't judge others", we always excuse ourselves yet even in not deciding to oppose the action, we have already judged to let it be. Anyway, today we wanna look into what Jesus exactly meant when he commanded us not to judge, follow the lead.

The kind of bragging that pleases God

The wise must not brag about their wisdom. The strong must not brag about their strength. The rich must not brag about their money. But if someone wants to brag, let him brag that he understands and knows me. Let him brag that I am the Lord, and that I am kind and fair, and that I do things that are right on earth. This kind of bragging pleases me (Jeremiah Chapter 9:23-24).

Let us realize some few facts from these verses:

Can Your Sins Make You Lose Heaven or Salvation?

You see, about 80% of people who go to churches are not sure if they will go to heaven or not (assumption). Actually, when asked if they are sure, most Christians will tell you that they are not sure. Their being good and trying to remain Christians is the maintenance of the hope that God will accept them especially if they could die following a prayer of repentance.

What is heaven and where is it? Know now

The last time we shared about this message, we looked at who God is and how He continuously lives with us participating in every story of man and other creation. We have already shared who we truly are and how we have a true desire that we hope to sit in some day. Today, we are going to understand what heaven is, where heaven is, what should be done in heaven and how we are gonna get there. Let us be plain, we are now exploring our desire.

Blame nobody, not even yourself

You have often been told that you are totally responsible for your life's achievements and failures, but I am here to tell you that life is more than just you and me and few factors. Sometimes things shall happen out of blue and all you have to do is to accept that and move on. Of course, you are responsible for your life for you will determine your fall and rise, but blaming yourself or any other person shall never help you.

Escape From The Hold Of Your Bad Past

Do not be bothered by your past, I mean your bad past, it does not matter now. I know it is possible that every time you think about how awful the past was or how you were, you shudder, but I would love you to know that we all have those skeletons and yet we move on by God's grace.

Do good women and men still exist?

Yes, good men and women still exist.
The problem is not their existence, it is our finding them. I have met grown up and handsome men waiting for Mrs. Right and I have met a good number of beautiful ladies waiting for Mr. Right too. While so many of these people say that good friends have not yet showed up, I always think the problem could be ours in such cases and not the situation itself. 
For God's sake, there are good people out there but the problem is we are not able to see them simply because we may not be good ourselves. All the successful and great families we see around happened in hard times like ours too. I mean, men were able to identify great women in crowds that other fools were standing in with those same great women and vise versa.

Why you also can be?

Yes, you also can be There are chances, opportunities, blessings, or favors that we grew up associating with a certain group of people or families and not ourselves. But from my personal experience, I am happy to tell you that we were seriously wrong. Even you, no matter how unworthy you think you are, you deserve something and not just something familiar but special and amazingly for you.

Stop listening to those who brand you as the unblessed or cursed. Stop listening to negative thoughts and voices in you that struggle to convince that you cannot make it. I know you really have nothing and maybe you deserve nothing, but who of us deserved anything? None. Yes, you can be and have all that you desire to have because all it takes resides there with you or within you.

Hard work pays

There is something great to pick from Jacob, the  young brother of Esau. This guy was jus hardworking. Brothers and sisters, nothing shall ever displace the rewards of hard work. Our dreams, our goal and desires cannot just be met by wishful thinking or praying for miracles. We need to work and work hard.

Tomorrow's hope

Your life cannot be defined by just today no matter how hard it must have been. Yes, it looks like all you did ended up not rewarding, but that is not true. Grab all your day's disappointments and trash them, and cleanse your soul and mind of such a dreadful day and arrange for a new tomorrow.
Someday, we are rejected. The next day, we are accepted. Someday, we lose. The next day, we gain. Someday, we are at the top, and we fall at the bottom on some other day.

Your happiness, your motivation

Stand for nothing else but your happiness because it is only when we are happy that we please God. Yes, do not be made a tool to serve the happiness of others, consider your happiness first. You may think I am teaching you to be selfish, but on the contrary, I am teaching you to be more loving. For God's sake, we cannot make others happy at the expense of our joy, which is a sin, not only to ourselves but to our God.

Do you act or react?

By Amulen Winfred
Acting is dealing with a situation and reacting is what you do, and think in relation to what has happened.
Today let's talk about anger and tempers. We are all capable of both only some of us manage the two better than others.
How can we deal with this?
First is by realizing you got poor anger and temper management in your life. How you know that is by meditating upon the times you disagreed with your wife, husband, friends, workmates, relatives, family and if you regret how you reacted later.
You see that's one of the characteristics of anger; REGRET.

Our wedding day rap, very awesome

So when we stood up to give speeches, i had to sing and rap for her, for us all. Yes, it all i had for her and you know what! It made her day even more than anything else. Always give only what you have with much love and devotion. Enjoy the motivation.

Romance: Love your wife as Christ loved the Church (Ephesians 5:29-30)

No one ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it, just as Christ does the church, because we are members of his body. (Ephesians 5:29–30).

In my first book, the 3 loves we need, I opened up my introduction with this line; "love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to us". This was true then (2009) and it is true now (2016) and it will always be true. Literally, there is no such thing as unconditional love, not even, in some sense, that of God. At the same time, we may not strongly confess love to be of mutual benefit (maybe yes in one sense but also No in another) but what is clear is that the two parties involved, each has a responsibility, a duty to play, and a reward to gain. That is what makes love genuine, true, holy and everlasting.
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