God's Miracles And Incurable Diseases: Can praying only cure HIV/AIDs, Fractures and other incurable diseases?

In Kampala, so many churches have demonstrated (either through lies and deception or truths) this God's unique ability of healing lame, curing HIV and cancer on spot. Most people have visited such churches of Kakande, Kayanja, Yiga, and other pastors in search of such answers. 

The question of God and miracles 

Most people believe that HIV and other heavy diseases cannot be healed instantly through praying only. For this reason, such miracle filled churches have been termed as originating from the devil or working on devil's power. Today, we want to look closely at what exactly is true about these unexpected or extraordinary miracles.

God and common principles

First, because something is out of normal or is unusual does not make it to be of Devil’s origin (that is like saying that our God is powerless and cannot do such miracles). However, also, miracles cannot justify the origin or the doctrine (authenticity of their preaching in relation to the truth of the Bible) of such churches, there is much more to consider. 

God of common and uncommon

Secondly, our God is the author of both the common and the uncommon. He is God full of surprises and unusual. Just because he made it that man and woman are both needed to produce a child cannot hinder him from going above such biological principle and have a child with either a man or a woman alone or even with neither of them getting involved (consider the example of Jesus).

The problem with intellectualism 

You see, the problem with humans is that once they learn something, they tend to compete with their teachers. It is total madness to start questioning God’s ways basing on the simple knowledge in science, technology, astronomy or philosophy that we have. God is far above what we know and over-ridding some of the concrete principles we ever mastered ( is just a game to Him.

What am I saying? 

While we both know that treatment of some kind is needed for someone's fractures or cancer or HIV to heal, God can do it at times without passing through the normal and common means. And you all know this; God's ways are not our ways, where we do not see a way, he can put one. What we see as impossible is very possible with him. So to be honest, yes, God can heal fractures, HIV, cancer and other troubles over a night, in seconds, in a minute.

There is a problem with our intellectual, especially if not guided by God's spirit; we are born ignorant (knowing nothing or at least little), go to school and learn some science or knowledge and then we end up trusting the science than its teacher. This is a terrible mistake. 

God is the author of the few scientific principles and knowledge that we know. He can even dismantle every principle and create new different principles. Because we need drugs to heal headache does not limit God if there are no drugs. Okay, that is clear. 

There is another thing to address. Most people could also be out here deceiving people that God is doing these miracles yet something else other than God's glory is at work. Some forge these medical documents and then forge the new ones indicating that the disease is gone yet everything is drama, which is a great sin. 

From this perspective, I do not want to commit myself to explaining what exactly happens in kakande, Kayanja, Yiga, Prophet Mbonye or any other pastor's church; that is not my issue to deal with. The truth that goes in there is best known by them, the followers, and God. And sometimes none of them knows what could be going on. This is a serious topic currently among Christians.  

Finally, stop undermining our God. He can also do great things in surprising ways. I want us to be clear on one thing: Our God is the founder of every principle and knowledge that we know and he can go above it or below it at his time for His good reasons; let us trust him.

Meanwhile, it is nice to be careful of people or churches that preach miracles of physical healing, richness and political power for we are not saved by miracles but by Christ. If a church emphasizes more of physical miracles and collection of tithes, instead of the gospel of peace and love and freedom from sins through Jesus, then some careful thinking must be done before celebrating such congregation.

Also, it is necessary to note that it is evil to both to God and people for you to stop your drugs and medical advise in pursue of spiritual healing unless God has truly asked and commanded you to do it.

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