Do good women and men still exist?

Yes, good men and women still exist.

The problem is not their existence, it is our finding them. I have met grown up and handsome men waiting for Mrs. Right and I have met a good number of beautiful ladies waiting for Mr. Right too. While so many of these people say that good friends have not yet showed up, I always think the problem could be ours in such cases and not the situation itself. 

For God's sake, there are good people out there but the problem is we are not able to see them simply because we may not be good ourselves. All the successful and great families we see around happened in hard times like ours too. I mean, men were able to identify great women in crowds that other fools were standing in with those same great women and vise versa.
Yes, you are indeed right; there is always the right one for you, but I personally do not think that the right one for you simply refers to finding the good man or woman, it includes you being good too. And above all, there is no perfect time and person, we make them. Do not forget this.  

Some youths have 'Intellectually planned"their lives. They have a number of clubs they must dance in before they can settle. Others have a sum of money and cars they wish to have acquired before they can find love. Some of us have pushed away genuine love and people because our intellectually planned freedoms have not yet been served. But I say, there is no perfect time for love. When true and genuine love finds you, embrace him or her for truly no true love shall deter you from living your freedom (genuine freedom). 

For now, you must be wondering what true and genuine love is or even what is the secret of finding Mr. or Mrs. Right? The first question has already been answered in a great article I wrote about Ephesians Chapter 5:29-30 and the last question is coming up in a great exploratory article. All will be available to you at Remember, the 4 secrets of winning any woman's heart PDF e-book is also coming soon. 

Yes, I believe you can

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