Ever Wondered how to discover yourself? Here are your only 3 ways of knowing yourself.

Entrepreneurs say that a problem identified is a problem half-solved. For those who follow my writings, we discussed about the number one reason why we are not improving: We have not yet accepted that we need to. As we try to erase and do away with this predicament, we agreed that an honest introspection is important to listen to our deeper desires and follow them.

In that aspect, I promised to write an article explaining the best 3 ways we can do that introspection or know ourselves. Today is the day. Read ahead.

1. Listening to YOU during meditation.

Usually, we do not exploit this powerful tool to the maximum. Actually, if every individual had some time to sit and quietly listen to the deep person within, then success would be ours most of the times. But do we have the time? Do you know that there are people whose voices are high from January to December? Do you agree that some people cannot be quiet but only when eating or asleep? Eeeh, it has reminded me of Father Kamari of Mutolere Hospital Chapel. This soul is the one who taught me the value of quietness and calmness to the point of listening to one’s self heartbeat.

You see, we have all the wisdom (I mean GOD) within us. However, God who talks through our conscience has such calm and low voices that your noise or the noise of your neighbors will make Him go unheard. So the next day you wanna know how great you are, how upright you have been, what exactly your desires or needs are, just sit under a tree, close your eyes and hear yourself chat with yourself. There is never a greater counselor or inspirer than you. It is just that you never listen to yourself.

So reduce on the noise, ask for a holiday, take 10 minutes in a day and calmly listen to your heart, meditate upon your life, what your work has been like, and the dreams you have always heard. You will discover the greater you that you never knew before.

2. Listening to your friends or even enemies.

Someone said that friends tell us the truth we would not tell ourselves. Yeah, there is that truth which you may never be able to tell yourself. Usually, great people are able to tell exactly who they are but this is not possible all the time. Sometimes, troubles and other emotional stresses can distort the real you before yourself. That is why each one of us needs a friend, someone who can tell and sing your song when you cannot sing it for yourself.

I know we have always advised you not to listen to what people say about you but this depends on the kind of people and their motive for talking about you. Some people really talk about our weaknesses or successes with a good motive; it is wise to listen to them. They can even help suggest the possible means of improving your life. However, do not be drowned in comments and words of those who want you down. I know it may not be easy to know which people to listen to and those to avoid, but as you grow and assess people, this is not so hard.

So make a step and visit your councilor, a trusted friend, a pastor, or a parent and ask him about yourself if you cannot exactly define who you are. Remember, everyone needs this option no matter how stronger he or she may seem to be. We all need people to lean onto in some situations. The most important aspects of this option could be your wife or husband, your parent or relative and other closely attached people.

3. Listening to God.

This is the most important means. I have made it the last simply because some do not believe in God. This option crosses through all the other options directly or indirectly. Whether it is good meditation or a good chat with a friend, God must be involved to make everything happen for you. This is the truth whether we accept it or not. The most direct means of talking to God is via prayer, reading the bible, reading other books, and experiencing the power of nature.

I know few of us know how to speak to nature but it is one of those powerful ways of contemplating the meaning of life. So take some time and read God’s word, enter into a true prayer guided by your desires but not the cram work from Sunday school.

Listen to a pastor or priest preach, read motivational and inspirational books and listen to the powerful message from nature like rivers, wind, birds singing, mountains and hills and interesting miracles happening around the world. Many of us think that God no longer speaks to people, but He does and in many ways than even before. He is speaking to you right now through this post.

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