Hard work pays

There is something great to pick from Jacob, the  young brother of Esau. This guy was jus hardworking. Brothers and sisters, nothing shall ever displace the rewards of hard work. Our dreams, our goal and desires cannot just be met by wishful thinking or praying for miracles. We need to work and work hard.
I have ever wrote and said that sometimes our prayers are answered yet we still linger around still praying for the same issue. Yes, that simple job around could be the channel God is gonna use to bless you. That clinic or medicine near you could be the answer God has given you to heal your sickness. That woman around you could be your way for breakthrough. Yes, work hard and with what you have and pray that God's favors and blessings enlarge through the little that you do. 

Jacob was a hustler, he worked hard for everything: for his blessing, for his inheritance, for his wives, for his children, and even for his blessings. Nothing that came to Jacob without him working hard for it yet the fact is God made it possible for everything he owned. That is how God usually works. He loves people who work hard and pray and expect his help along the way, do the same brother. 

So did pastor tell you that this year was gonna be for miracles? Did some prophet tell you that you gonna pass exams or find a beautiful woman? Has someone told you that you shall find a good job or a beautiful husband this year? What promises do you have in this year? Yes, they are true and possible but if only you work hard for them.

If you need a job, look for it a hundred times. If you need a man or a woman, look for him or her and tune yourself to deserve one. If you need to pass exams in this year, my brethren, you gonna have to read and study hard and then our father who blesses us all will bless you too. Surely, this year is yours too. 

What is our point today? Work hard on everything or for everything you need and God shall bless you on the way. Jacob is your good example and his blessings are still are our carrier even up to now. That guy was a hustler and hard working. God bless you

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