Tomorrow's hope

Your life cannot be defined by just today no matter how hard it must have been. Yes, it looks like all you did ended up not rewarding, but that is not true. Grab all your day's disappointments and trash them, and cleanse your soul and mind of such a dreadful day and arrange for a new tomorrow.

Someday, we are rejected. The next day, we are accepted. Someday, we lose. The next day, we gain. Someday, we are at the top, and we fall at the bottom on some other day.
It may seem like it is just ups and downs and there is never maintained success or happiness, but that is not true. When we master that things keep changing, we learn to do what we call neutralization and balancing.

When we are sure of the changing tides, we master how to grab onto success, feed on it now and even in trouble days to come. Yes, with time, our successes, happiness, achievements and greatness seem to last forever for even dark times accompanied by agony and pain do not black us out. 

So as you roll yourself into your bed tonight. As you try to search for sleep and thoughts of unpaid debts, rent, school fees, or uncured wound start to haunt you, may you get reminded of some of your good memories, victories and achievements you have ever scored in face of opposition and lean onto that small whisper of hope that the same nature or God that saw you through such times will surely break your chains again. 

Yes, I understand how you feel at the end of a disgraceful and non paying day, but I believe in miracles too. Tomorrow, you will be better and the deeper of your happiness shall make you forget all the pain of now. I pray that this hope be your strength to carry on in these times, and bring you a smile while you face hardships. This is because you are not happy necessarily about who you are now, but what you are becoming tomorrow.

Yes, I know you can. 

The Complete You Ministry,


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