Why we fear death and grumble over life: We were not meant to die in the first place.

We fear death and even hate it not because we are simply fearful, it is because we were not meant to die in the first place. Man was created to live forever in happiness and complete fellowship with God. However, because we sinned we lost the touch with the greatest gift we ever had. Not only did we lose that eternity, we also lost our authority, the command we had over everything. We were kings and queens in palace, call it Eden.

The above loss that we made explains our grumbling, dissatisfaction with life, and all the complaints we have against life for being unfair to us. We are not just complaining, we are demanding what originally was ours. Inherently, we are meant to be immortal and kings and that is our desire always; to again have the control over everything, including death. Our true and biggest desire (this is for everyone of us) is eternal happiness in eternal glory. That is what we all long for.
But simply because we cannot have that which we long for, we pretend like we want something else. We busy ourselves with sex, drinks, power, education, influence, fame, and all sorts of weak desires trying to cover up that which we long for but the emptiness goes on. Do you know how to prove this? Look into yourself and see the emptiness you have no matter how successful you pretend to be.

So does it end from there?

No, it does not. God was or is good and did plan to redeem us from such darkness. He sent His son Jesus Christ so that through His death and grace to all of us we shall recover that which we lost, including the control over death. That is why we believe we shall live again and forever. This is true and not so much out of blue because it is what we were from the beginning. Yes, through Jesus Christ only we can again be the kings and queens we were before and live eternally surrounded by peace, happiness, glory and satisfaction beyond measure. All our desires shall be met then. For God's sake, there shall never be unfulfilled wishes, dreams or desires, we shall live completely that which we are.

Do you believe in Jesus Christ now? 

Not to believe in Jesus Christ is the greatest mistake man shall ever make. We brought the loss to ourselves and we still choose not to take up the grace extended to us to recover for us that which we lost, what a shame! Right now, we are living in the hope and we hope you too have that hope too. Choosing to believe in Jesus is not to do God favor, it is about us; we believe in Him because He saves us. So do it for your sake. 

Our faith in God's love and His son's grace, mercy, and forgiveness on the cross gives us relief even in these times. He helps us move this journey of pain, dissatisfaction, death, and loss, and helps us to approach death without fear of losing ourselves into nowhere. We believe that after everything, we shall be resurrected in glory and live eternally to celebrate good life even more than before. That is the hope that carries each one of us. It is the hope that makes us courageous even when troubles strike our homes and families for we know that it is not the end. Our end is when we recovers all that we lost, and even more. 

Do you carry the same hope? Do it now. 

If you have not yet allowed Jesus to be your personal Savior, today and now is your time. Repeat this prayer after me; "Oh Jesus, I am sorry I did not care about coming to you. For long, I have been fighting alone, grumbling over my losses, and scared over what is coming, but now I see you have a plan for me, a plan to make me better than I was even before. I am sorry for all my wrongs and kindly ask you to make me your child now. Come and walk with this journey till the end of times. In Jesus name. Amen"

We believe you are now saved. Find a good church near you and be part of their congregation or send us email at thecompletey@gmail.com for guidance. God be with you. 

The Complete You Ministry, 


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