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Stand for nothing else but your happiness because it is only when we are happy that we please God. Yes, do not be made a tool to serve the happiness of others, consider your happiness first. You may think I am teaching you to be selfish, but on the contrary, I am teaching you to be more loving. For God's sake, we cannot make others happy at the expense of our joy, which is a sin, not only to ourselves but to our God. 

People will tell you how you should behave to be pleasing. You will be instructed how to smile to be catching. Yes, some will tell you what to eat to remain friends with them (I know many friends who became alcoholics, womanizers, and money spenders simply because their groups demanded that) but only listen to your heart and care for your happiness.

Yes, sometimes you will need to do some sacrifices to meet that greater good. Sometimes you will have to endure temporary pain to come up with that success. Sometimes, you will have to forego pleasure to secure yourself that happiness of highest order, but it is okay. As long as, in the end, it is you and only you alone to be drowned in everlasting happiness and inescapable kind of joy, do it; you will have strength to do it. 

Yes, that is the reason we are able to serve God even under tyranny. That is why we are able to love our women and stay faithful amidst thousands of other tempting ladies. That is why we are able to handle the pain of school fees and study yet we would quit and relax. That is why we are able to give to a neighbor the only cent we are left with in the house. And that is why i am writing this wisdom now. The ultimate drive and end of everything we do should be our happiness, our own satisfaction. 

Have you got the point? Yes, we love God and people not because we are doing them a favor or something that excludes us, but we are serving our self. Our own happiness and end in success drives all our actions, including those that seem to be hurtful and losses to the eyes of a fool. Now you know what to do; to serve your happiness and eternal satisfaction. Do it now. 

Yes, I believe you can. 

The Complete You Ministry,


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