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"You Are Not The Only One" Are Not Comforting Words & Neither Do They Encourage!

The first time I addressed Winnie like this; "oh see, but all women......", she sharply interrupted me and said, "oh no, I am not all women. I am Winnie". She had won and I had lost. I had to readdress her and you know what! It worked. I am sure those who are familiar with my writings can easily guess my point. But what is my point today?
Take no confidence or comfort in knowing that all others do or don't do Any idea of what it is? Read ahead.

Here are the only 3 most important things that give life meaning.

We all need them, they are the ones you are chasing. 

You know them because they are the ones you are chasing after, and once you settle them out, you will be done. Yeah, in this complex world, it is easy to get caught up in the mixture of the very many things that are flashed in our ears and eyes and end up losing a grip, if we already have, on the very important things that give life meaning.

But what are they? Are they money, sex, and fame? By the way, I wrote a deep and exploitative article on The Concrete and only true man's desire; the one which when filled makes him completely satisfied. You can check on that article too. 
Back to our point today;

Your identity and belief in the true YOU is your key to success.

You wonder why things are not happening as promised to you by God? We have said that God shall work out everything for your good, have you realized that sometimes our troubles and challenges drown us forever without us experiencing the good in them? Yes,  we shall have a big study about this but what you are gonna read now is the basis.

Listen, you can do it too. You can achieve that which you admire in others and even more. It all begins with believing in yourself and going for it. Believing in yourself? Yes, practically believing in what God, your father says about you. And which is what? Greatness and success. Some days ago, I was like you, hoping and admiring to be the person I am now. For those who read my story entitled, "If you can talk, then it is possible you can sing", you remember I shared you my demons and failures especially in those days and how I made it to where I am. But then what changed my life? 

Here are the only 2 attributes of God that make you victorious through challenges and temptations. Find them out.

It does not matter how the day was for you, it has ended. Yes, since you are still alive, then all opportunities are still open for you. Keep dreaming and hoping. Is that all?
Should you really be grateful because you are still breathing?Oh no, not at all. You see, I am like you; I don't believe that we should be grateful because we are just breathing or existing, a tree or a stone is existing too. I believe we should be grateful only because we have lived the life we admired or desired.

How does God's gift of human free will work with His Foreknowledge, predestination, and election of those to be saved?

1. Introduction“For whom He foreknew, He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His son, that He might be the firstborn among many brethren. Moreover whom He Predestined, these He also called; whom He called, these He also justified, these He also glorified” (Romans 8: 29-30)-NKJV. 

From the times of St. Augustine and reformation times of Martin Luther, the senior, the arguments surrounding the theology of predestination have tremendously been on the agenda of all Christian seasons, including this season of ours. Actually, the truth regarding predestination has always been sought by the forefathers of our faith up to the present.

Love & relationships: 5 secrets of winning the heart of any woman that you have fallen for. Explore them now.

Introduction. There is that woman, that lady you flashed your eyes on and, oh my God, she caught your eyes. From that time up to now, all you ever dream about is having her, making her yours. Of course, finding the right woman for you is your first step (we are preparing a great arricle about how to find the right woman for you), but then winning her heart is your next and important step towards your relationship achievements. Is this the best way to introduce this? How about this other way below?;

Have you ever met a lady and you wonder how such a woman could ever be yours? Yes, you have, and don't deny it. And by they way, if you have never had such a feeling and you are 18 and above, then you need to worry! The fact is a woman also may meet a gentleman and wonder how such a man could ever be hers, that is true too. However, our focus today is how a man can win over the heart of a lady he has fallen for. Listen, this article is not intended for these one night stand relationships,…

2017 Valentine's Day message: It's all about love and nothing less or more!

When I first met Winnie, she was this lady with style. Her class and mine were totally different. Her family and mine were and are totally different. She was this woman many didn't know for she was, from outside, so complex. She was beautiful and so elegant (she still is).
But heaven knows! We had something in common. Yes, something so definitive and influential was similar about us; we had this love, the unique love of gods. 
By the way you can Read our 2016 Valentine's Day message and experience how grateful I am or we are.

The misinterpreted verse: James 2:26; "faith without actions is dead". What does the Bible really say? See it now.

Introduction: What the Bible says. The Bible says that faith without actions is dead, which is true. This, however does not mean that actions make faith alive, it means that they just show that faith is alive. 
There is a difference between making and showing. Faith, I mean true faith cannot be without actions. In other words, faith and actions are one thing and not two things. And when we cannot see actions, then it means there was no faith in the first place.

Our Offers for you:All you have to know for now.

I have never written a book with much enthusiasm and enough time for it as I have done for THE WEEPING PROPHET. This book is a great book of my life. Yes, THE CHRISTIAN QUEST VOLUME 1 is gonna be a great one too, but it was easy for me to write than this weeping prophet.

Health: What do you know about diabetes?

Diabetes is a chronic disease whereby the person's body no longer has control over his blood sugar levels either because the pancreas is producing little insulin, no insulin at all or simply the body is not utilizing the available insulin. 
What am I saying?I am saying that when we say that someone has diabetes, we are saying that his blood sugar levels cannot be controlled by his body and this affects all other functions of organs and systems leading to serious illness and death.

What shall we do in Heaven? Shall be there sex or anything sweeter than that? Find out now.

The sweetness and greatest pleasure is in sex. 
To mankind, there is no any other higher degree of pleasure and happiness than sex. Actually, it is the sacred of romance that can easily portray what we are going to explore now. According to the movie 'the game of thrones', there is no any other heaven known to man than sex. Oh no, this is entirely confusing but I am sure you are getting the words. To be open, sex is the true definition and measure of pleasure a man can ever have (Man in this context means either a man or a woman).

How to defeat Satan: We do not defeat devil/Satan by knowing his tricks, we defeat him by knowing God.

Now, this is gonna be your first time to come across this insight, and I bet it is gonna make you a winner more than you ever imagined. I am gonna be slow on this and make sure you get the message right from His word, the Bible.
Many people have come up with books, DVDs, CDs, audios, and other resourceful materials explaining about hell, Satan, Illuminati issues, satanic clothes, satanic restaurants, satanic songs, satanic actions, satanic people, and even satanic body languages, symbols, and words, all in the great move to explain the complexity of the tricks used by Satan to win over us, the Christians, I mean the people. But in my opinion, I do not think we should go all those heights trying to explain who Satan is and how he presents, we should instead go such heights and even more trying to make God and His marvelous power known and accessible to people. What does the Bible say about this?

Forgiveness does not excuse the wrong, it confirms it.

Forgiving someone is not about justifying their wrong actions, and that is why actually it helps more the one giving the forgiveness than the one receiving it. Forgiveness is about us giving away our right to be angry at the person who wronged us. It is about us deciding to leave the past that cannot be changed and move on into the future with a new heart. That is why we need to forgive others whether they ask for forgiveness or not.
When on the cross, Jesus forgave those who killed Him. He said, "Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing". For God's sake, that does not make them right or saved unless they themselves feel sorry for what they did and receive the forgiveness. This is an encouragement to us when we forgive those who wrong us, especially those who still do and are never ready to stop.

Why forgive others? For how many times? How about when it's hard to forgive? One answer settles all this!

“And forgive us our sins, for we ourselves forgive everyone who is indebted to us. And lead us not into temptation.” (Luke 11:4). As the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive (Colossians 3:13).

In the book of Matthew 18:23-35, there is a story of a man who could not forgive his neighbor after he himself had been forgiven. According to that story, he had been forgiven by a man he owed about 10 million dollars (money) and he failed to forgive someone who owed him just 10 dollars. This was so absurd and Jesus ended the story with a dangerous comment; “This is how my heavenly Father will treat each of you unless you forgive your brother or sister from your heart.”