Health: What do you know about diabetes?

Diabetes is a chronic disease whereby the person's body no longer has control over his blood sugar levels either because the pancreas is producing little insulin, no insulin at all or simply the body is not utilizing the available insulin. 

What am I saying?

I am saying that when we say that someone has diabetes, we are saying that his blood sugar levels cannot be controlled by his body and this affects all other functions of organs and systems leading to serious illness and death. 

Usually, we have two types of diabetes; type 1 (also called insulin dependent or juvenile diabetes) is common among children and is rare. We have type 2 (also called non insulin dependent diabetes) which is common among adults and usually associated with overweight and physical inactivity and is the commonest. 

According to World Health Organization (2016), type 2 diabetes is increasingly becoming common among young people as well. Isn't this dangerous? But why? How can we go about it? You will soon get answers pretty well. 

We have another special kind of diabetes and is called gestational diabetes. This one occurs among pregnant mothers. Pregnant mothers with this kind of diabetes are at great risk for diabetes type 2, their babies are at risk of diabetic conditions like hypoglycemia following birth, overweight, and so much more. For this reason, mothers with this diabetes are expected to be followed up closely and to deliver within a health facility where help can easily be accessed in case of complications. 

Luckily enough, this diabetes is usually found out during antenatal visits (ANC). What are they? These are visits, at least 4 of them that any pregnant mother must make to a health facility and see a health provider for information, screening and other packages in relation to safe delivery. 

What am I saying?

I am saying, you do not have any right to miss antenatal visits, that is if you are pregnant (men should always accompany their wives as expected). 

But how can you know you have diabetes?

The common signs and symptoms are frequent urinating, thirst, excess hunger, fatigue and vision changes, but these may not be our definitive take up until you do some sugar tests for a number of times. Have you ever done any sugar tests? By the way, do you have the above signs or your friend has? Always do some check ups to see how it is for you. 

What shall you do if you are still negative? How about when you are positive and you have diabetes? There is a big HOPE for any of the above categories and that is why we are preparing the tutorials called RULE OVER DIABETES.

The great upcoming tutorials: Rule over diabetes

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God bless you

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