Here are the only 3 most important things that give life meaning.

We all need them, they are the ones you are chasing. 

You know them because they are the ones you are chasing after, and once you settle them out, you will be done. Yeah, in this complex world, it is easy to get caught up in the mixture of the very many things that are flashed in our ears and eyes and end up losing a grip, if we already have, on the very important things that give life meaning.

But what are they? Are they money, sex, and fame? By the way, I wrote a deep and exploitative article on The Concrete and only true man's desire; the one which when filled makes him completely satisfied. You can check on that article too. 

Back to our point today;
What are three most important things in life, to a man and woman, the same? 

You see, we may pretend and say, oh what is he saying? Don't I have my personal desires different from desires of others? The truth is; we are humans and not very different, at least when it comes to what really defines us as humans. And these 3 things I am about to share with you are the exact things you are chasing after. 

Isn't that hard truth? Oh, why don't we hit the point by the way? Let us do it now. Follow closely;

The 3 most important things that give meaning to any person's life; 

1. It is not money, but Family.

You see, what a man yearns for is origin (a family). We wrote an article somehow hinting on Discovering who you are through knowing your family, you can look for that too. The number one thing that is important in everyone's life is family. Yes, it could be your mother and father, your brothers and sisters, your wife and children, or your friends or relatives who have grown up to be your family, and for God's sake, that is all you ever wanted.

You see, at times, we take our families for granted but when our families are not there, that is when we feel the pinch. Yes, you need a family for it gives life and all you do a meaning. And always remember to make your family your number one priority, not even your job.

Do you know why we need family?

It is the perfect and default source of love. This love can either be erotic, agape or even philos, and a family is the den for love. And you know what! Every man including the most notorious serial killer is desperate for love. By the way, I wrote a book called The 3 Loves We Need, and in it I explained the above 3 types of love. You can look for it too. 

You can scroll through the Bible, read philosophy, romance and fiction, and all you will find is the value of a family. Your family may not define you, but ultimately it tells a lot about you. Yes, you need to have a family and a place that you call your home and origin, no mater what!

In the past, your family defined a lot about you and determined your jobs, you friend selection, your positions in society,  and everything. Even though that was misuse of what more the family should mean in our lives, but it somehow still pointed to the value and meaning of a family in life. 

Yes, I repeat this; everyone yearns to have a family; a group of fellow people where he belongs, and that he calls his own people. And you need one too. You can pretend that you have no such vacuum or need in your heart, but you know it well that you are lying to yourself; man is desperately in need of a family. 

Take home;

Prioritize your family in everything you do, there is no sin in doing that. 

2. Not fame, but career or job.

A career is simply a combination of everything in your interests that define your work or services. In simple terms, we can call it a job or employment or your work. 

There is no peace found in any man or woman who has no career. I mean everyone loves to stand in position of some work. Life can be a mess and meaningless if you woke up one day and you cannot do any work. For God's sake, I am not talking about digging, carrying and pushing things as work only, even thinking, eating and sleeping could be your work or career. 

The fact is; work or career is an important aspect of life in sense that lack of it makes life look meaningless and we die young. You cannot live without career.

I will repeat this; you cannot live without working (St. Paul talked of it in the Bible), and this is not necessarily about you lacking food and money because there is no work; it is about your true life. Your brain, your cells, your souls cannot move on if there is nothing to work out. 

Are we together?

I recently listened to Charles Stanley, the famous evangelist preaching about the secrets of staying young and in service, and working was one of his incredible points, others being happiness, laughter, managing stress, helping others, and so much more. 

Up to now you don't understand the value of work or career in life? Try losing your job. You won't like it. 

Again scroll through Bible texts, visit philosophy, fiction and any genre of knowledge and you will find that men define their lives by their careers. Yes, having a career is your number two important aspect of your life in the sense that, without it, you will lose your mind and even die.

Take home;

Take your career seriously. Guard it with your money, property, fame and even life for your life is actually nowhere without your career or job or work. 

NB: It is important to note that we are not necessarily talking about paying jobs and work, we are talking about having something to do on this earth; some kind of service to the world. This is nature's law, you must have one.

3. It is not sex, but religion or faith or belief.

You know they say, "Every person has an angle". In other words, each person has a position,  a belief, a kind of base or wall on which he leans, and I call that faith or belief or religion. 

Maybe you are not a born again Christian, not a Muslim, and not even a Buddhist, but the fact is your have a belief; something or someone you base on all your knowledge and judgments. It could be your mother, your wife, a tree, a stone, Buddha, Muhammad or the true God, but you have a religion. 

And you know what! Your religion means your life. 

Maybe you don't know the power of religion or faith or belief! It is the faith that made Abraham stand in position to kill his own son. And it is some kind of faith or belief that enabled women attend services with no knickers and pants because the Holy Spirit was expected to pass there! 

Is it funny? Oh no, it should not be. 

It is faith that makes or made our parents give out their children or the people they love to demons for some sort of exchange. It is faith or some kind of belief that convinced people to sell off their things and closed themselves in a room ready for heaven till their pastor, Kibweteri, burnt them down. It is faith that makes us pay 50,00 shillings for Holy rice at Kakande's church! It is what you believe in that drives you.

Yes, we can do anything in our power to save our religion, faith or belief for it is actually life and without it, our lives are empty.

I started this point with the quote, "every man has angle", and it is time we explained what it means. At times, we may be tempted to say we have no religion or side and yet even choosing not to join belief A or B is also another independent choice on its own and thus a belief in itself! 

Got it? Maybe yes or maybe No, but here is the fact; 

Every man has what he believes in and will do everything in his power to defend that which he believes in for losing it is the same as losing himself, his life. And you are not wrong at this; belief is your life. 

Your task should be finding the right thing or person to believe in, and not to try to be without any belief for life cannot be without some kind of belief to sustain it. That is what we call the power of belief or religion or faith. 

By the way, few days ago I wrote an article hinting on how a book that had a topic named belief changed my life, You can read that article and relate.

Take home;

Life cannot be without faith, it is impossible. Instead of trying or pretending to Live like you belong to no religion or faith or belief, you should be finding the right faith. 


There are thousands of things we may think we want in life and as we chase them, we get mixed up and confused and end up up living miserably. And yet all these things can be summed up in the only 3 clear-and-easy most important things that make any person's life meaningful and complete; Family, Career, and faith/Belief (And not money, sex, and fame or power).

Yes, I believe you can.

The Complete You Ministry,


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