2017 Valentine's Day message: It's all about love and nothing less or more!

When I first met Winnie, she was this lady with style. Her class and mine were totally different. Her family and mine were and are totally different. She was this woman many didn't know for she was, from outside, so complex. She was beautiful and so elegant (she still is).

But heaven knows! We had something in common. Yes, something so definitive and influential was similar about us; we had this love, the unique love of gods. 

So as I made my dangerous move that one evening and had my first chat with her, seated face to face in the school's dinning room, I saw all our differences disappear into the whirlwind at the single sight, deep understanding and perception of who she really was. 

Winnie was this classy woman; with great self esteem and motivation and loyalty like that of a dog. And I was too. With all our differences in our dressing codes, family backgrounds, behavior and outside styles of socialization, I and Winnie were much similar when it came to our hearts, dreams, treasures, and perceptions of what life generally meant. What happened next? 

We connected. 

At first, we lived as great friends. She would tell me everything from A to Z, including her relationships and I would share with her the same, including my relationships. She knew my sins and I knew hers. She knew my great attributes and I knew hers. We were happy, great friends. I remember her crying on my laps and I doing the same and comforting each other everyday; I acting the father this night and she acting my mother the other day. We lived well. 

And when we later fell for each other, we knew each other's struggles and achievements. As we have always confessed; love is never blind, it simply chooses the best in a person. Read that article too

Later, we fell in love (that was after about two years and more of genuine friendship). We declared our love to each other and declared our war on the rest. Yeah, when we fell in love, we opened up a war; that shall take me another book to explain our wars and how we won them. But any of our OBs and OGs reading this knows well what we are talking about. 

Anyway, our love moved on. As I already highlighted, we were so much different in our external make up, but no one knows how we locked so well into each other dissolving all the differences.

Love love love love love love and only love! 

Amulen had grown up in a well to do family. She had lived well, at least better compared to me. She knew good things in the world; pleasure and fancy like most women do. 

Yet Amulen Winfred never regretted missing these things for me. She walked long distances on foot, ate simple village food I could afford, celebrated with a soda on great days like Christmas and Valentine's and dressed up simply what we could afford. She rarely called her home for help yet she had a family,  a greater family. 

But why was that possible? Just love. 

I loved and I love Amulen and she loves me too. We are able to go out and even fail to recognize the great dishes or drinks we are missing as long as we are looking each other in the eyes. That is love. 

We surprise each other often, but I wish you knew what it takes us to surprise each other, just us alone. No money, no fancy cars, no greatest clothes, no heavy machines and gadgets, but just us. We live within our means and select our outings according to our preferences and means as long as we shall be there two of us looking each other in the eyes. That is what love does. 

Love first, other things follow. 

We also believe in money, cars, great food, clothes, houses and fancy outings, and we have improved greatly towards these things compared to then, but we have never missed a great day just because we did not have any of the above things. As long as we have or we had ourselves, we would fly. 

Now she can dress up glamorously, select a drink of her choice sometimes, decide on a hotel to go to, and maybe dictate on the food she wanna eat, but that is always a by the way. We have never felt less, inadequate, weak, or even jealous of others because there is a way our love tells us we can be all we wanna be. 

So what is limiting you? 

The other day I congratulated my friends upon reaching Valentine's Day and they were scared of it. In their words, "these months were not friendly, we are still dry". And I replied, 'it is not about money or anything like that, it is about having your Valentine'. And let me repeat it now, do you have your Valentine? Do you have that one man or lady you long for and admire to be close always? 

Your love determines your day, not your pocket. 

If your answer to the above question is yes, then you have passed the most important aspect of an outing, of a day like this. And if your answer is or was No, then you have some work to do. And this work is not to look for money or any other thing like that, but for love. 

Money and Love

As already highlighted, I and Winnie believe in money, fancy cars, houses, clothes, foods, and drinks and glamorous life in general, but that is secondly to our love and delight in each other. Here, we are not saying money does not make sense, we are saying it makes sense even more when you are in love. 

Yes, love, true and genuine love combined with money and those other fancy things make it great. But my friend,  always know love comes first and can sustain itself without anything. I know this is a hard and touchy topic especially to the so many of our struggling families and couples, but we hope to expand this later on in life when we shall write a detailed book about it.

What is the point today? 

It is a Valentine's Day and you have no excuse to celebrate it. Just hold your lover's hands and smile to him or her and say; 'all I want is you, just you'. I do not know where you will be seated, what you will be drinking and eating or even the clothes you shall be in, but when you have yourselves together there wherever you will be, God shall be with you. 

As I write this, I and Winnie have arrangements again and it is still not about the best restaurant, car, food or drinks, but the best looks and smiles again and again and exchange of lovely and romantic words. God shall be with us. 

Yes, we believe you can too. 

God bless you


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Born from Uganda, Nemeyimana Vicent (Nemvicx) has become what people call, "coming from nothing to something". Professionally, he is both a nurse and public health officer and currently works with Mulago National Referral Hospital. In 2016, he wedded his wife and great sweetheart, Amulen Winfred (also a professional Midwife and counsellor). Besides their professions, Nemvicx is an inspirational writer, singer, motivational speaker, author of several digital books. He a theologian and blogger at www.nemvicx.com (The Complete You Ministry).

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