The misinterpreted verse: James 2:26; "faith without actions is dead". What does the Bible really say? See it now.

Introduction: What the Bible says. 

The Bible says that faith without actions is dead, which is true. This, however does not mean that actions make faith alive, it means that they just show that faith is alive. 

There is a difference between making and showing. Faith, I mean true faith cannot be without actions. In other words, faith and actions are one thing and not two things. And when we cannot see actions, then it means there was no faith in the first place.

What am I saying? Actions do not make faith alive, they show it is alive.

I am saying that actions can be without faith (this makes actions meaningless) but faith cannot be without actions (When there is true and live faith, actions are inevitably there. And every act of faith makes Meaning).

Many have used the words; faith without actions is dead, but they do so trying to run away from the truth: Actions without faith are dead! 

God says it often, not every good act counts, but only those acts done for God's sake (in other words, actions that matter to God are those done out of reverence to His name).

Let us make an example: Nebuchadnezzar was used by God to destroy Judah. In his heart, he must have thought he was better in God's eyes than Judah itself, but he was wrong. Even in their sins, Judah and Israelites were still far better and cherished by God.

Nebuchadnezzar did not destroy the Judah or Israelites because he had devotion and passion for God's word and was hurt when Judah disobeyed God, Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Judah for personal interests and gains though he would maybe sometimes deceive himself and people that he was helping God. Do you know what happened to him? 

God did not reward him for punishing Judah that was disobedient to God, but instead punished Nebuchadnezzar and Babylon for destroying and making fun of God's people, the Judah people. 

Is the above example hard? Try this one below. 

When we abuse a prostitute on the street, spit at a homosexual in the corridor, smack a thief in the market, toss out a woman that has aborted, abuse a begging gentleman, and scorn sarcastically a dying rapist, are we doing it because of the love we have for God and His word or just for ourselves and for our different reasons? Be honest with yourself as I do the same with my life too. 

It is only when our actions and decisions are guided by faith and love for God's word that they are counted worthy of God's reward, that what makes faith a reality. Every reality must be faith guided and enabled.

It is not enough to hate homosexuality, abortion, theft, liars, corrupt officials, and others sins and sinners as you know them, it is only enough if our reason for the hatred or fight is our love, devotion, respect, and passion for God and His word (in other words, our FAITH).


It is not actions that make faith alive, they simply show that faith is alive. Faith and actions of faith are one, inseparable. We cannot have faith and have no actions, it is impossible. Yet we can have actions without faith (meaningless actions). When we insist on actions making faith alive, we lose the essence and our actions end up losing the touch of faith and instead start to be guided and enabled by our emotions, positions, and self ambitions. 

Every action, including good actions that is not born of faith is meaningless. We can fight sin and sinners as rudely and harshly as we can but unless it is the love for God and His word that is making us do that, we are losers just as the sinners. Have you ever wondered why Jesus said He would deny us even when we chased demons in His name?

The true message of the above verse is; actions without faith are DEAD. 

God bless you

The Complete You Ministry,  


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