What shall we do in Heaven? Shall be there sex or anything sweeter than that? Find out now.

The sweetness and greatest pleasure is in sex. 

To mankind, there is no any other higher degree of pleasure and happiness than sex. Actually, it is the sacred of romance that can easily portray what we are going to explore now. According to the movie 'the game of thrones', there is no any other heaven known to man than sex. Oh no, this is entirely confusing but I am sure you are getting the words. To be open, sex is the true definition and measure of pleasure a man can ever have (Man in this context means either a man or a woman).
The above question is easy than any of us expected. We have already got the knowledge that heaven is a restored life in a newly restored universe. We have seen that it is the time and place when we shall be living in full communion with our father, our God. You can expose to yourself all the details about heaven by reading this other article now. So let us examine what exactly will happen there. Shall there be something as sweet as sex? Shall there be sex itself? What shall be there?

The Bible's position: worshipping God in heaven

The bible is very clear that the only work we shall do in heaven is worshipping and serving the Lord (Matthew 4:10, Rev 22:3). But these words here mean a lot of things. What is worship? The word worship is very much different from praise. The oxford dictionary defines praise as words that show approval or admiration of somebody or something and the same dictionary defines worship as the practice of showing respect for God. In other words, while worship is entirely of the heart, praise is usually of the mouth either in words or songs or of heart too but in a mixed motion. Actually, praising is part of worship.

Okay, simply whatever work we do and is in line with God's realm, can be called worshiping. It can be eating, drinking, thinking or singing, sex and any other work, it is all giving glory to God and thus worship which is ultimately serving the Lord. Actually, it is nice to let you know in advance that we shall eat, wear clothes, drink and dance in heaven.

That is why you should not separate your personal work from serving the Lord in the church. Even when you are out there in your office or digging, you are serving the purpose of God and thus worshiping or revealing his glory. Didn't you hear of trees and mountains giving worship and praises to God?

But now, won't that be boring?

Just as we can understand the value of the cross and the blood of Jesus by considering the old testament's sacrifices to God, we can also understand the union of Christ and the church in heaven by considering the union of a man and a woman on earth. I am simply saying a romantic relationship between the church (the bride) and Jesus (the bridegroom) can be understood  from our human romantic relationships. Listen, when God created Adam, He saw it unfit for a man to be alone and so created Eve out of his ribs. This is clear; a man without a woman is still a man without the other rib (incomplete). We have to modify this otherwise the singles or non-married will be abused.

I am saying that a man (the bride) is not complete unless is united with God or Jesus (the bridegroom). This longing for completeness is natural and divine and we cannot walk away from it. Even for the married ones, the longing stays for the romance here is corrupted by sin and thus does not eternally satisfy a man to the point of being thirst no more (there is a lot to discuss here pertaining the singles, the life of fathers, nuns, and sisters in Catholics, probably another day). However, it is important to notice in advance that there is no spiritual sin in being single unless the decision is feeding on other evil motives.

So let us go back to our point. John Eldredge describes the worship in our human romance; "To give yourself over to another, passionately and nakedly, to adore that person's body, soul, and spirit-we know there is something special, even sacramental about sex. It requires trust and abandonment, guided by a wholehearted devotion. What else can this be but worship? After all God employs explicitly sexual language to describe faithfulness and unfaithfulness to Him. For us creatures of flesh, sexual intimacy is the closest parallel we have to real worship".

Eh this gentleman has said it all. Now, let us look at another Scholar, Peter Kreeft. "The spiritual intercourse with God is the ecstasy hinted at in all earthly intercourse, physical or spiritual. It is the ultimate reason why sexual passion is so strong, so different from other passions, so heavy with suggestions of profound meanings that just elude our grasp". Eh do not think that these people I am quoting are just speakers, they are men of God, the forefathers of our faith.

There is a lot to learn here. There is that thing as sexual intimacy even in the spiritual world and thus Christ takes an example of a man and a woman in romance as a great example of the church and God in romance. Simply put, there will not be physical sex as we know it but there will be spiritual sex or romance. And since we already know that the very best of whatever we have here in this life is just a portray of the greater in the life to come, then spiritual sex or romance with God or that love affair in the life to come will be much deeper, satisfying, and exploring than the one we enjoy here. And ultimately, it will be the true worship.

No, as an order, read Ephesians 5:25-33. Now imagine, if we have all that pleasure in our physical romances that are entangled in evil desires, sins, betrayals, mortality, time-limitedness, and other worldly limitations, how shall it be if we are in an eternal love affair that is full of endless happiness, pleasure, gratification of desires, exploration and learning and ruling with our God?

Sex is more prophetic than we ever imagined and so John Eldredge writes, "It is a mystery almost too great to mention, but God is the expression of the very things we seek in each other. For do we not bear God's image? Are we not a living portrait of God? Indeed we are, and in a most surprising place-in our GENDER".

We talked about the above insight when we exposed who God is in the great series of understanding ourselves, God and Heaven. We agreed that a man and a woman are different and thus the souls that God poured into them must be different though from the same God. And since a man and a woman in romance are one body (Ephesians 5:31, Genesis 2:24), then Christ and the church are one body too (this time not in a physical love affair but in a spiritual love affair). John E. continues, "We bear His image as men and women, and God does not have a body. So it must be at the level of the soul-the eternal part of us-that we reflect God".

Writing about sex, Mike Mason says, "For many people, certainly, sex is the most powerful and moving experience that life has to offer, and more overwhelmingly holy than anything that happens in church. For great masses of people, sex is the one force which can actually tip men and women completely off their accustomed centers of gravity and lift them, however briefly, right out of themselves" (The mystery of marriage).

And so Alexander enhances this; "our hearts live for an experience of worship that fills our beings with a joy that is so deeply in awe of the other that we are barely aware of ourselves". That is the power of romance. A man will give all, including himself in exchange for such romance and I confirm it as big and the right picture of God's love for His people. By understanding the power, the sweetness, the glory and soul-fulfilling pleasure got in sex; we can easily imagine the heavenly satisfaction.

The true analogue: bringing out the point. 

In reference to this context, the writers of GOT QUESTIONS website make insights from the writings of  Randy Alcorn that, for centuries, the temple and its sacrifices were at the heart of worship, but once Christ came and offered Himself as the ultimate sacrifice, the temple system and its sacrifices were no longer needed (John 4:22-23). They were 'copies of the heavenly things', and the earthly temple was only a 'copy of the true one' in heaven (Hebrews 9:23-24).

In the same way as above, the marriage relationship is a picture of our relationship with Christ (Ephesians 5:31-32). Once we are present with Christ (rightly put; once we are in heaven- see our lessons above), the illustration will no longer be needed. We will have the reality, which is far better than any earthly representation. This is why Jesus is called the Bridegroom, the Church is called His Bride, and our celebration in heaven is called the Wedding (John 3:29, Mat 22:1-14, Revelations 19:7-9).

And since we are now convinced of the value and the heavenly glimpses in our earthly romances, John Eldredge advises us; "Don't let your disappointing experiences cloud your understanding of this. We have grown cynical, as a society, about whether intimacy is really possible. To the degree that we have abandoned soul-oneness, we have sought out merely sex, physical sex, to ease the pain. But the full union is no longer there; the orgasm comes incomplete; its heart has been taken away. Many have been deeply hurt. Sometimes, we must learn from what we have not known, let it teach us what ought to be. God's design was that the two shall become one flesh. The physical oneness was meant to be the expression of a total interweaving of being. Is it any wonder that we crave this? Our alienation is removed, if only for a moment, and in the paradox of love, we are at the same time known and taken beyond ourselves". I am afraid he is saying we are in ‘small heaven’ during sex.

Finally, the only romance that will give us glimpses of heaven is that where our bodies are intact and our souls too, and we are one. The current marriages that are guided by politics, greed, pride, favoritism, and other evil motives in the church other than love and a complete pouring of soul into each other between the lovers is just a disappointment.

I am only happy that Eldredge has provided a place for such pretenders and maybe those who consciously decide to be singles, "Sometimes, we must learn from what we have not known, let it teach us what ought to be". And I say AMEN. If you really have a person who has powered her soul, body, and life into you and you are now one, thank God you already have glimpses of heaven and look forward to acquiring the completeness of such a romance with no more distractions and heartaches as you enjoy the love of God in His eternity. Our work in heaven in the name of worshiping the Lord is so diverse that it will take us eternity while doing it and joyfully. And the pleasure of our union with God shall surpass that we have ever know even in the best romantic sex on earth.

There is no need for wives and husbands or even marriages for what we shall be shall be greater than any of those things we ever imagined to be sweeter or pleasurable. 

We love you.

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