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The Absurdity of Life

My friend Ralph Ammer recently published an article that moved me. For those of you who ever read about the Greek story of philosopher Sisyphus, you  will not be totally green about this. And this article entirely belongs to self or personal development!
Ralph reviewed interesting texts from the book, The Myth of Sisyphus, by Albert Camus (1942). And here is the amazing idea. 
According to Camus, our lives become sad or absurd because we are trying to reason out the best ways to successfully live and the world usually does not reason or, say, agree with us and so keeps opposing our desires and wishes to live well and better. 
In other words, Our reasoning + The World's non reasoning=Absurdity of Life.

How Do You Develop Your Desire or Hunger To Read And Study The Bible or God’s word?

Hey there,
As always, I am glad you are and I am very happy to share with you this truth. What truth? How you are going to build and maintain your desire to read and study God’s word in just 4 ways.
But wait! We have a problem.
What problem?
Many Christians fear admitting this challenge but the truth is; most Christians have no appetite or desire to read God’s word. Many of us only open our bibles on Sunday when the pastor in the church asks us to. Some don’t even take bibles to church; we have projections of God’s word onto the walls and the pastor reads for us!
And here is the worst; what! Yes, the worst part of the above challenge is that few people or none shall ever tell you the effective means of building and maintaining that desire!
Oh actually, the problem exists in three forms;

Haunting Truth in Christian Dating: The Physical Beauty Of a Woman Is Your Number One Factor Before Everything Else!

Hey there, 

I know this article is gonna blow your mind but I have nothing to do but to share the truth! 

You see, thousands of people, probably including your pastor, parent or councilor have claimed that the physical beauty of a woman is not so important when it comes to choosing a partner, I mean a right partner, but I claim the opposite!

Surprised?  Yeah, you can be. And I am happy to tell you that this is what makes me unique and fit for you in relation to Christian dating, love and relationships; I share the truth and facts and show you how to live in freedom that only truth can give.

The problem with counselors and motivational speakers is that they do not want to say things the way they are and then help people handle them successfully.

Back to our point

How To Make Your First Date a Successful Evening?

Hey there,
As usual, I can’t even be able to express how happy I am to share this truth with you again!
Like I emphasized before, Google does not have these answers (at least not many of them) and it is not because they don’t’ exist, but people have written wrong ones!
When we talk of making your first evening out with your ‘prospect’ a success, we are not necessarily talking about winning her into your bed for sex; we are talking about building up hope and more longing in her than she will need to see you another day, another month, another year and forever. Yes, we are talking of Christian dating, courtship, and marriage.
So without wasting much of your time, let us jump into it.

How Do You Know That She or He Is The Right One For You?

Hey there,
We have talked and shared a lot, haven't we? Today, we wanna look at something more serious; telling that she or he is the right one for you! 
Yes, many people can counsel you on many relationship matters but surely few have a hint on how to tell that that woman or man you have fallen for is the right one for you!

Surprised! Oh no, you should not be.

Is street gospel preaching relevant to modern evangelism?

Last weekend, I met two young ladies who were preaching in the bus that I was in. These girls of 20 years and above surprised me; they were not serious!

One had a smart phone and the other had a bag and as they scrolled through their WhatsApp messages and pictures, they would keep erupting inconsistently with the words, “Jesus is the only savior. He is the way, truth, and life. He can save you”.
For about an hour, that sentence never changed and every time they would speak up, they would be laughing at their phone screen, saying one word at a time and they both generally looked joking and just irritating.
And so I interrupted, “Friends, the message you have is great, but you really have to show that it is really important by how you speak it and the enthusiasm you show. But now you are playing with your phone and at the same time shouting and clients are actually irritated and annoyed. Do you think you will really do a great work?”
What did they do?

The 6 Grave Mistakes You as a Christian Should Dare Never Make In Relation To Dating

Are you a Christian and in times of opposite sex relationships and dating? I mean, do you wanna find Mr. or Mrs. Right for you? Yes, you will definitely find one. Actually, I promised to share with you something called ‘How To Find Your Mr. or Mrs. Right’ but before that, let us first understand the 6 dangerous mistakes you should avoid as a Christian as you take on dating.

The Only One Thing You Need When In Despair And You Want To Quit

Ever woke up one morning and you can't find anymore reason or strength to move on? I mean, you just wake up one morning like this, oh dear, and you feel you are tired of the chase. It happens to me a lot! 

Yeah, I remember asking Amulen Winfred; "oh yes I know I am gonna succeed and get through this, but why, why is it that I get anything good after struggling for it while others get the same thing or even better just on silvered plate or at least easily?" She would look into my eyes and smile and then say, "it is okay. It is best this way. Maybe there is something special you get because you struggle for your success"

In Public Affairs, Perception Is The Same As Reality!

Have you ever given a thought to the common notion that one picture is worth 1000 words? I mean do you agree with Shakespeare when he wrote many years ago that "A rose called by any other name would still smell sweet?" Does it matter much what we mean like what people perceive? Well, maybe yes to you and God, but never to the public.

Single & Searching? The Top 5 Hot Spots Where To Meet Your Future Marriage Partner!

Did you know that the place where you first meet your lover from says much about your future trends of your relationship? Yes, 51% of 2000 subjects said so. What do you think?
When I was preparing to write about this great topic, someone told me that there cannot be such a specific place where to find or meet your soul-mate. While this is true, the fact remains that there are some special places that have proved themselves through research and so many people’s experience to be rich in long-lasting relationships that end up in marriage.
Isn't that magic? Of course, you are blessed to access this article. 

My Personal Women's Day Message: Like Desire, Women Are The Mothers of Innovation and Development.

Sometimes, I am tempted to think that our forefathers were primitive and failures on many things simply because they had pushed women behind.
So men would gather, and collect their ideas for new projects and development only to fail along the way because there was no that motivation, that special trigger that God bestowed on women.

How Do You Love Yourself Best? Here is How.

Hey there,
Have you ever thought about it? I mean, do you think you love yourself? And is that the best way you can do it? By the way, what does it mean to love yourself? 

Few people have ever asked such questions though almost all of us have ever asked questions like; does she love me? By the way, do I love this one or the other one? Yeah, you know we have ever.

Are you surprised that you have never or have rarely asked if you loved yourself best? No, you should not be. Why? Because you are not alone though this should not comfort you but scare you! How come none or few ever considered self love so useful? Remember, 'You Are Not Alone' are not comforting words. Read that article too.