My Personal Women's Day Message: Like Desire, Women Are The Mothers of Innovation and Development.

Sometimes, I am tempted to think that our forefathers were primitive and failures on many things simply because they had pushed women behind.

So men would gather, and collect their ideas for new projects and development only to fail along the way because there was no that motivation, that special trigger that God bestowed on women.

You see, women are different from men from all angels, even biologically. Yes, they are wired in a complex manner to handle very many tasks at once and with precision. Today is Women's Day, yes, but I believe all days belong to them for they are our mothers and propagators of innovation and development. 

You say, oh but women, I mean woman was the root cause of Adam's sinning!

True, And I would love to look at it in another way. 

Women are creative, open for new ideas and trying new ways of igniting relationships and make life not a boring one. Remember, all that matters to women are relationships and love (we did some writings about the woman's greatest desire, but we shall do something much greater about this soon).

At least, we need to agree that Eve's move to bring the fruit to her husband was not because she wanted to make her husband fall but it was out of her too much love for her husband. 

To Eve, she could not imagine being happy, wise and like God (as the Devil had promised) and her own husband not having the same qualities or even more. She loved her husband and wished him all the best. 

And you know what! Such errors, sins and mistakes are all associated with innovators and people who love development. Yes, that is the spirit of a woman. Actually, I would love to pose a question to us, men; 

Where Was Adam When the Devil took Eve aside and had enough time to tempt her?

Wherever he was, it was his responsibility to protect his wife and be besides her as she exercised her freedom and great ideas on different new things. Yes, we can be busy a lot but we need to always have time for our women and look at what they are doing and appreciate them or even give them our hand or counsel. 

What is the point today? 

The point is clear; whether you are married or not, see it or not, a woman, i mean some kind of woman (your mother,  sister, great friend or neighbour, or your wife) is an engine for your development. She may not be on the front line but she is there pushing you from behind.

Sometimes I wonder if I would be the man I am if it was not my mother that mentored me to be different and have values! Without my mother's hand and prayers, I would not have had an eye or abilities to see and identify a great and wise woman like Winnie, my dear wife.

Up to now, I wonder when I hear a man brag about his responsibilities of paying school fees, buying land and building, taking care and providing for the family and all sorts of the so called 'bread-earning" as if he does it all alone! Have you ever considered this; your woman could be the reason you are the man that you are! Are you Surprised? Oh no, you should not be.

And as our women move east and west to bring beauty to our lives and world, we need to stay close besides them and protect their aspirations and dreams so that the evil one does not use their hearts, I mean their loving and fragile hearts for some sort of evil just as he did with our Eve. 

Yes, I dedicate this message to my wife, Amulen Winfred, my mother, sisters, my female friends, and all other women out there who have been true representatives of what a woman really is; greatness.

Yes, I believe in You

God bless you. 

The Complete You Ministry,


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Born from Uganda, Nemeyimana Vicent (Nemvicx) has become what people call, "coming from nothing to something". Professionally, he is both a nurse and public health officer and currently works with Mulago National Referral Hospital. In 2016, he wedded his wife and great sweetheart, Amulen Winfred (also a professional Midwife and counsellor). Besides their professions, Nemvicx is an inspirational writer, singer, motivational speaker, author of several digital books. He a theologian and blogger at (The Complete You Ministry).

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