The Only One Thing You Need When In Despair And You Want To Quit

Ever woke up one morning and you can't find anymore reason or strength to move on? I mean, you just wake up one morning like this, oh dear, and you feel you are tired of the chase. It happens to me a lot! 

Yeah, I remember asking Amulen Winfred; "oh yes I know I am gonna succeed and get through this, but why, why is it that I get anything good after struggling for it while others get the same thing or even better just on silvered plate or at least easily?" She would look into my eyes and smile and then say, "it is okay. It is best this way. Maybe there is something special you get because you struggle for your success"

And truly, though I would not be convinced 100% by her answer, I would move on. And as you all know how such days happen, soon they pass and your fire and warmth returns like never before. And so even here I am still moving on. And every morning, as I wake up to chase after my dreams and all I wanna be, I hear her voice, "it is okay. It is best this way. Maybe you get special" and so I move on. 

What is the point? 

There is a big point here. Some motivational speaker said, "A big chunk of talent is lost to the world due to lack of simple motivation!"

True, each one of us has those days, days when he starts questioning his pursue, days when we start to weigh the chase and our efforts with bias. And we ask questions like; is it really worth the struggle? Shall I ever have it? Why can't it happen this way? Really, God, was it necessary to first suffer to have this? Yeah, everyone, including you and me has such moments. We call them moments of doubt, despair or reconsideration! 

What do you need in such times? 

Do you think you would need money? Oh no, some of those times are brought by money itself! But surely, you need something, yes, something to help you through such times. And that something is; simple motivation or inspiration. Call it, as one writer puts it, the lean-on-tos (someone or something to lean on in case of despair). 

Yes, when such times come, all you need is someone or something to tap on your shoulder and say, oh boy, move on, you are really gonna make it. It is yours, just one or two more steps brother. You can't give up now, you have already done great. Move on, move on, move on, move on brother. And you know what!  I am your fan.

It can be your dog! Can't it be? Most probably. 

Yes, that is all you need; little motivation and inspiration!

Very short but dangerous! 

Such moments of despair are very short, throwing you into the depth of hopelessness and urge to give up. And if no one or nothing comes to your rescue then, you can give up and lose things and success that you have worked for years. That is how dangerous such moments are! 

There is this known writer who says, "touch times don't last but tough people do". In other words, all we need is a little spirit of motivation and move on, just even for a moment,  and the dark times will be over while we still thrive. That is the secret of motivation and inspiration. 

You need it, you need it, I said you need motivation and inspiration. It is your fuel, your rescue in times of distress. Let no one deceive you that you can be without it. Jesus needed it from friends and God, Socrates needed it, Ghandi, Martin Luther, Kennedy or even Obama, Besigye, Museveni  and even your pastor all need motivation. 

Ask me; why? 

Because they all have or had such times; times of despair and a feeling of giving up.

Got it? Yes, you got it. There is nothing that can replace the value of motivation and Inspiration.

But where can you get this motivation in such times?

I won't say that you need to consult God for He is our overall motivator, instead, what you need to know is where to meet this God from. And you are in the right place! Yes our website has dedicated it's mission to serving the world through motivational and inspirational resources and subscribing to our website is one of your best options. 

But here are your other options; 

1. Talk to a friend, a trusted friend. Someone said, "before you talk of your pain, be sure the next person to you is not an enemy". Of course, an enemy would be pleased to hear you being plunged into darkness of despair and hopelessness. I talk to my wife, you could do the same. There are other close friends that matter a lot, a parent, or even your mentor can all be of great help. 

2. Reading inspirational and motivational literature. The best book in this field is the Bible (according to me). There are so many inspirational books out there, find them. I remember sharing with you how my life changed when I read the book, Making the Most of Life by Leroy BrownLow. It could be the same with you. Today, you don't have to first go for hard copies in your book stores; just read online books. 

At The Complete You Ministry, we have written some great inspirational e-books, let us know if you need some. You can even browse through our archives and you will find all this inspiration in our great articles.

3. Listen to, and watch inspirational and motivational movies, songs and plays or games. When I talk of inspirational movies, I don't necessarily mean Christian movies (most of them bore me too), I am talking of watching men and women like you solve issues and pass through the wire to their dreams. Yes, movies like War room, The men who build America, 24, Miracles from Heaven, Fringe, and so many more. You know well your favorites! 

4. Try self motivation. I think we need to find time and come back to this for it is not easy to everyone. However, yes, some people can find calm moments, do meditation and rebuild up their strength through nature and a recap of their whole life's journey. Yes,  I love the saying, "God who saved me then went nowhere".

Yes, meditating upon your life and how grace and your dedication have moved you to where or what you are now can be your foundation on which to build your hopes and motivation for more conquering! 

There are a thousand more other ways through which people find inspiration and motivation, you surely have yours too. All we can realize is that we all need it; none can be without it, not even God or gods!

Take home

What gives you inspiration and motivation in times of despair? The fact is you shall have such hard times but you will have to conquer them and move on. And yet this conquering shall need you to have some lean on-tos. What are your lean on-tos? Find one today and be assured to make it even when distress and disaster strike.

NB: By the way, as I write this article, I am in bed very sick. Yesterday but one, I got caught up by flu and I thought it would just go. But as it seems, it was not only flu, but it was malaria instead! I have no appetite, all joints are painful, sweating all the time, and headache is killing me. Killing me? Oh no, we don't die just like that for there is so much more that I need to do. By the way, one way to have a prolonged life is to have a serious life goal. There is how your body fights to live on so as to accomplish the dream (we will come back to this when discussing ways to keep young and in service).

And so I am going to the hospital for treatment. Just pray for me. When I wake up again, more writings and inspiration shall be your way.

God bless you. 

Yes, I believe you can

The Complete You Ministry,

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