Am I My Brother's Keeper? We Still Ask God!

The Dream To Win By Making Others Lose! 

Caring for our brothers! 
I already said, we cannot win when others are losing. Or simply put; you are not winning by making others lose! 

Crane Bank and UTL

Today, I was reading through the business magazine of Uganda and oh my God! Did it ever cross your mind that UTL fell because Libya and Maumar Gaddafi were no more? How about Crane Bank? Do you know that the fall of crane bank and other businesses in 2016 are main reasons for the inflation?

In other words, you might have felt happy when Libya was collapsing or enjoyed seeing Sudhir get out of businesses, but little did you know that for their collapse, Sugar, Rice, Salt, Electricity, Soap and everything else would cost the much they are costing now! 

That is why you should never rejoice seeing your neighbor falling down. 

But why is it like this?

Really, do you want to say that you don't know why the fall of your neighbor is actually Your Own fall? 

Visit The Genesis! 

Cain and Abel: Am I My Brother's Keeper? 

Following that scandalous and stupid act of killing his own brother, Cain was approached by God, and the question was traumatizing; where is your brother? (mark the words, where and brother) 

But Cain was stupid (not more stupid than us when we care less about the hungry and suffering among our neighbors), and he either intentionally or unknowingly nailed himself and replied; " I don't know. Am I my brother's keeper? 

And believe me, God is still asking us the same question on individual basis, on business or company basis, leadership basis and so much more, and our answer is no different from Cain's. Yes, we are constantly asking God; am I my brother's keeper? 

The success in vain

You know, we have promised ourselves peace and security, prosperity and economic freedom, life and happiness, but rarely have we thought about the possibility of not succeeding at these dreams if we don't include our neighbors or others! 

Your poor neighbor shall break in your house. Your suffering neighbor shall not be able to pay for your goods and your business shall collapse. Up to now, I don't understand landlords who fight against the development and success of their tenants! When your tenants are successful, you can increase your rent and they will gladly pay. 

You cannot have peace and prosperity amidst hungry and unfortunate neighbors, they will either kill you or simply destroy you either directly or indirectly.

Putting up the message

Did you  come upon the words in Philippians 2:4? The words are clear; Don't only think of yourselves only but also consider the interests of others. You can believe it or not, but we were meant to live and work together and not in isolation! 

Human race can sustain itself as long as it cares for each other. And the day we shall start looking out for own selfish reasons, that shall mark the beginning of our extinction. And you know what! I think we are on the path of extinction! Check it out. 

So for those who thought that the collapse of Crane bank, the fall and death of Libya economy or even the current struggles of my life have or had nothing to do with you, you better rethink. My personal problems may be the real reason your businesses is collapsing or your friend died in labor! 

But you have never thought about it! Have you? Oh no, I think this last piece should be; But you already knew it, didn't you? 

Good day, The Complete You Ministry

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