You Can Be Restored To Your Happy Life or Even Far Beyond If You Do These 5 Steps!

Have you ever lost a grand opportunity for your life and you are beating yourself over it? I mean, is your life in shambles and you are wondering if you can ever recover? I have got something for you today.

Restore Your Life With 5 Steps! 

What is it? Restoration is true and possible! 

You see, sometimes it is hard to believe that our losses in life can be restored or even better things happen to us after terrible life wreckage. Yes, after so many years of tears and pain in wrong marriage, struggling businesses or health or collapsing relationships and enthusiasm or even loss of the only job you ever had, it is hard (not for you alone but for us all) to believe that there is another way (or another life beyond that pain we are accustomed to), but I wanna tell you this; yes, your life and happiness can be restored!

Our God is not God of one chance, one time opportunity like so many have made you believe; our God gives us second and third and fourth chances. Our chances end when we die, yes, it is only then that we are finished with our chances! And even this is so because then we are embracing another higher life where we shall never need these opportunities (we shall be the opportunities).

It is okay to feel like you are beyond redemption. It is okay to feel like your life is over. We all feel like that after a havoc. But should we stay there?

I don't know how far you fell from your success, but i have this confidence that you can be restored to where you were before or even to a better position; the latter usually happens.

All the people you see around and admire have had a past, a challenging past. Have you ever thought of Alexander Graham Bell's quote? It says; "when one door closes, another one opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully at the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us"

Maybe your relationship is in shambles. Maybe your business is falling. Maybe your health is deteriorating. Maybe your grades are declining at your university. Maybe your spiritual fire for God's kingdom and his word is no more. And so many other falls within your life. But I can tell this to you; God can restore you to a good position and make you happy again. As Bell has advised us, it is possible that actually God wants to open a new and better way for you, for us.

I know what it is like to be hit by life. I know how hard it must be for you to believe these words; yes, they never make sense if you are the one pressed against the wall. I have faced the same hell (and I still do). I have made some losses (and I still do). And I very well know the pain in losing something you have worked for for some good time or losing a gold opportunity that could have changed your life.

Yes, but what do we do? 

Should we spend all our time regretting how we never knew that our marriage partners would be sour? Should we live the rest of our lives narrating how we almost hit the Jack pot only to lose due to a single mistaken move? Should we believe that our businesses and lives have fallen far and no more reason to struggle for new breath and air again? Is that what we should choose?

Yes, we could choose that, right? But I am afraid it won't make our lives any better. Choosing to give up right now is deliberately choosing death. I hope you know that suicide is a sin! Giving up or living in the shadows of tears and regrets cannot earn us any sympathy from the devil who actually is responsible for our downfall. And surprisingly, regrets and pity cannot earn us God's attention too!

So do we have an option?

Only one option if we're to live; keep fighting, keep hoping, keep working, keep demanding for what we lost; for God's sake, it is yours. It is mine too.

How do you do that? How do you effect RESTORATION in your life? 

5 Steps to a retired YOU

1. Accept that it is possible. Yes, when you believe that you can rise up again, then your whole mental and physical plus spiritual energy focus on achieving that. And once you are in it, you must have it.

2. As Bell quotes, forget the past and stop regretting about it. The Bible says that when we get saved or restored, the past is gone and we are new creation. Don't hold the past against yourself or anybody; you are in your new life and new developments.

3. Decide on what you wanna be now onwards. Yes, in psychology, we believe that the best way to overcome a bad habit is to replace it with a good one. Put the word 'life's where there is the word 'habit'. Yes, you cannot forget the past and remain empty; it will re-invade your life. You just decide on your new future pass and occupy your life with it now.

4. Deciding on your future is one thing, and pursuing that same future is another. Yes, start working on the new development you have picked up. Yes, start nurturing the new relationship you have opted for. I am saying that you need to start working on your new business.

5.  Do it now!

From my personal experience, these habits have been so helpful;

I. Surounding myself with inspirational and motivational people
II. Indulging in inspirational and life transforming literature. Yes, I hope you know my story of how my life was turned around by a book. Subscribing to a blog like this one of mine is a great decision you could make.
III. This is the most important; accept Christ as your personal friend, Lord and Savior. This is your foundation.

Recap; we all have our pasts, but embraced Restoration!

Dear brother and sister, the story of restoration is true and applicable even to you now. After man falling far away from God, He is restored back to Him through Christ. And after you have fallen away from your previous post or position, God is promising you restoration if you take His hand and trust Him for a moment. Do it now.

Move out of that corner or where you have been crying from. Reveal yourself from your hiding after your relationship went sour. I am saying walk out of those regrets and feelings of pity and guilty and rightfully claim what is yours. I repeat this; Claim what is yours! 

Your grumbling, complaints, dissatisfactions with  life are not your sins; your settling for less is your sin. We were meant for more and we deserve more. For God's sake, God did not take time to create a NOBODY, He took time on you for you are so important and special in His whole plan. And believe me, before you discover and live that purpose FULLY, you will always feel you were or are cheated.

So stand up and reclaim your position. Pick the one piece of the many pieces of your broken marriage, business, dream, career, health or call and try to build up your life again. It is never that easy, nobody has ever had it easy and soft,  but once you are in that purpose, pain does not hurt. Every pain and sacrifice we make is like a burning incense to God that brings us even more pleasure and happiness.

Yes, you can be restored. Your opportunities are not yet over; they are just beginning right now. Pick yourself up, you are Your First Opportunity and capital.

Good day

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