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Seeing The Truth Through The Minority: What about the remaining small percentage?

In psychology, willpower studies reveal that actually more than 80% of man's actions and choices are passive, needing no serious self control before they are made. However, it is noted that the small percentage (maybe 20, 10, 5 or even 1%) of willpower is the one responsible for the conscious hard decisions and choices that have shaped man into what he is now in terms of all life developments and achievements. In other words, our lives are actually what they are simply because of the small percentage of self control or willpower!

Let's use analogy; According to car manufacturers, the car is about 99% straight ahead facing front and the steering wheel is included to only control the 1% remaining! That is a surprising fact. And yet, it is clear even to everyone that almost 100% of the same car's destinations would not be made if there was no steering wheel. In other words, the success of the car is actually about the only 1% and not more about the 99%. Did you hear me well? N…

The Fight Against Charismatic Prosperity And Miracles Gospel: Carefully Avoid Falling Into Either Of The Two Dangerous Extremes!

For the past good years, charismatic movement has been on rise and terrifying and, as many reformed theologians have warned, this movement is very dangerous to the very gospel of Jesus that saves. According to many Bible defenders and preachers (I inclusive, I guess), this movement has put forward prosperity, miracles, and material success as the pillars of the gospel they preach and this is totally not the whole mission Jesus came and died for on earth!

Jesus came to save the world from sin and all its effects, including suffering and pain. However, as the Bible clearly states, man cannot totally be free from suffering and pain while still on earth, the earth that is full of sin and also still under the rule of evil one (Satan). In other words, Christians are on a journey to their final victory and success and that shall come true when Christ comes again (the second coming of Jesus).

NB: Details of prosperity gospel and surrounding controversies and actually what the Bible Says abo…
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