Seeing The Truth Through The Minority: What about the remaining small percentage?

In psychology, willpower studies reveal that actually more than 80% of man's actions and choices are passive, needing no serious self control before they are made. However, it is noted that the small percentage (maybe 20, 10, 5 or even 1%) of willpower is the one responsible for the conscious hard decisions and choices that have shaped man into what he is now in terms of all life developments and achievements. In other words, our lives are actually what they are simply because of the small percentage of self control or willpower!

Let's use analogy; According to car manufacturers, the car is about 99% straight ahead facing front and the steering wheel is included to only control the 1% remaining! That is a surprising fact. And yet, it is clear even to everyone that almost 100% of the same car's destinations would not be made if there was no steering wheel. In other words, the success of the car is actually about the only 1% and not more about the 99%. Did you hear me well? Now, let us apply the above knowledge.

Every time we wanna convince the world that we are on the winning side, we use percentages and take the bigger percentage (majority) to be the right direction, the truth, the winning side, yes, the determinant of the choices we take. To say that the president is good for a nation, we vote. And yes, if a bigger percentage says YES to his stay, then he is the best! But has it ever appeared to you that THE SMALLER PERCENTAGE COULD BE THE RIGHT ONE? i mean, what about the minority, don't they matter?

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From the Bible's illustration of the ancient times to our modern days, it has been shown that the MAJORITY are not always right (in other words, one respondent who said No to your question revealed the whole truth. One woman that said there is no peace represented the truth. One man that is saying Yes is on the right and saving side. But you won't listen! Why? Because he or she is ONE or few (minority). Should we say that is one serious failure of Mathematics? It fails to measure the quality of life but quantity. And Jesus warned, "Be careful, life is not about how much you have".

What is the point? The point is clear; I don't intend to say we should devalue democracy and the rule of majority for we have no better options. But can't we a little bit be considerate and think of what the minority is also saying? If the research participants answered Yes, don't you think those few that said NO matter too? As a human being, it is the time we started looking out for the views and thoughts of minority too and think about them. For God's sake, I don't think God cares about the numbers; He cares about the truth.

So think about it. Don't you think it is the time we took care of minority's views as well? I mean, what about the small percentage? Meant for discarding? Watch your statistics and learn to be flexible; The majority is not always right (actually is rarely right, we will come back to this later). God Bless You.

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