Slay Queens and Kings Life and The Bible

Someone asked; is slay queens and slay Kings Way of life sinful? The idea was; if the luxury they enjoy is theirs, is it bad?

This question is complex. Why? Because we shall find no specifics in the Bible addressing luxury and saying it is a sin or not, and so all we have to do is to judge everything basing on God's general principle of how we should live. And this requires the slay queens and Kings or anyone interested in the answer to be honest with himself. 

Slay queens and Kings live a sinful life in the sense that they have dirty and non-honest relationships (some of them), get their money or luxury in quiet evil ways (theft, murder, and all sorts of evil deals), and usually their spending is cancelling out another opposite act of love they would have done instead or simply end up worshiping and trusting in money and wealth instead of God (Matthew 6:19-34). In case, the slay queen and king in question finds his luxury in this way, then it is not even hard to see where he will be; hell (now, that is harsh. Sorry).

But it is also possible to live a luxury life without compromising with God's principles. Yes, the Bible is full of examples of people who lived in luxury and pleasure simply because God gave them that. And yes, there are also those who didn't embrace luxury life for God's sake and His ministry. In either case, it okay and pleasing to God. Remember, things that may seem luxury to you may actually not be luxury to another person considering what he is and can afford. So yes, it is okay to live a luxurious life as long as it does not compromise you on God's principles.

Lastly, do you remember how DON was buried with money? That was evil and sinful. Many people, including his relatives or village mates might have been in need and instead of burying the money, it should have been used to help his fellows. That example is clear. By the way, we blame those who put the money and not Don (he might have not been part of the deal). 

Anyway, back to the point; in light of this simple explanation I have provided, do you think there is any slay queen or king who is not in the game of just competition, hurting his or her haters, flying with loaded men and women and sleeping in bars, disgracing both God and himself? If there is any, then God.

NB: It does not mean that us (the non-slay queens and Kings) do not do the same sins or even worse, but this was just specifically about slay queens and Kings and what the Bible has about them. Seriously, I doubt a serious Christian who is also a serious slay queen or king.


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