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Today's Devotional Verse: John 3:16. God & His Unconditional Love For the World, For Us!

"For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life" (KJV) 

The above verse is embedded in between lines that are about God's salvation and life He prepared for everyone that believes. Before that, Nicodemus (chapter 3:1-10) had started a long conversation with Jesus and the question in discussion was this; how can I be born again? And it seems our today's verse is part of the answer that Jesus gave to such a question; Believe in Jesus Christ!

In the above verse, Jesus is saying that, out of love and love only, God decided to give out His "only begotten son" to the world. The verse emphasizes love for indeed it is out of love that God moves or moved towards us. We didn't have any quality, any feature of attraction, and there was or is nothing admirable about us. And yet, as our culture says, a child, even a rotten one is still your child. In that same parent-like move…

Can We Be Inspired From Non-Christian Literature, Music, and Movies or Even People? And Should We be?

A few months ago, in one of my writings, I cited Rihanna (the famous American pop and RNB singer) in one of his songs and said something like this; "we found love in a hopeless place". And do you know what happened next? Not very good. Someone, I still know and remember her name, rebuked me that it was evil to quote non-Christian things and people while bringing a theological, biblical or "godly" point on board. 

I tried to discuss and persuade her in vain and we ended up on a bad string; disagreement. 

But she is not the only one! In our churches, communities, and service areas, we have so many Christians condemning and pointing fingers at each other for watching and enjoying non Christian movies, singing and dancing to world secular music, reading novels about love, romance, crime, and magic, and indulging in all sources of information, information that, according to them (the celebrants), matters and inspirational. 

Today's Devotional Verse: Romans 8:28.

All things work together for good (first part) of those who love God (second part and conditional), to them who are called according to His purpose (third part and conditional too) [Romans 8:28]

Rarely had we paid attention to this common verse. 

Motivational speaker shall use this verse to convince you that the death your father, the runaway of your girlfriend, the failure in your exams, and maybe the delayed salary payments by your boss shall ultimately turn into something good, but that could be a lie! Actually, chances are you are gonna plunge more and more into danger and destruction. 

We have heard the words, when one door closes, thousands other doors open, but that could be a lie too. It's actually possible for your door to close and even ventilators and windows get shut and life or your life gets suffocated to death! 

I know I am being rude today, but let's go back to the meaning of the above motivational verse. 

For everything (both days of grace and disaster) to work for…
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