Today's Devotional Verse: Romans 8:28.

All things work together for good (first part) of those who love God (second part and conditional), to them who are called according to His purpose (third part and conditional too) [Romans 8:28]

Rarely had we paid attention to this common verse. 

Motivational speaker shall use this verse to convince you that the death your father, the runaway of your girlfriend, the failure in your exams, and maybe the delayed salary payments by your boss shall ultimately turn into something good, but that could be a lie! Actually, chances are you are gonna plunge more and more into danger and destruction. 

We have heard the words, when one door closes, thousands other doors open, but that could be a lie too. It's actually possible for your door to close and even ventilators and windows get shut and life or your life gets suffocated to death! 

I know I am being rude today, but let's go back to the meaning of the above motivational verse. 

For everything (both days of grace and disaster) to work for the good, the people or person in question must meet two conditions; loves God and actually God has called him. In other words, everything does not work out for good of everyone. But wait! What is good? 

Generally, good is that which brings pleasure and reduces pain, brings life and takes away death, desired and celebrated. Usually, no one can know, do or be good except when God graciously gives it. In other words, no one is good except God (Matthew 19:17).

Thus for those who love God and who He already called, the good results of everything that happens are easily seen, felt, and lived. 

That is why it may seem to others that actually someone is falling from Grace (losing out) yet that same person is actually upgrading. Paul celebrated God's strength in his weaknesses (failures) but I am sure the world could only see a losing man! 

This is because the worldly measure or definition of what is good is actually different from God's and those who are called by Him to love Him. 

What is the point? 

The point is that everything works out for the good of those who love God and are called by Him for His purpose, and not everyone. The next time your motivational speaker says that things will work out for your good, be sure it's applicable. 

Otherwise, it is possible for a disaster in life to progress towards your complete destruction. 

This brings me to the real deal; it's when we keep our faith in Holiness and mightiness and love of God that we can turn dangerous and hopeless situations into our ladders to progress and victory. And yet this is only possible if we are called by God and love Him. 

May the good Lord bless us with this grace to find his goodness and prosperity in everything that happens to us (including tragedy) and bless us with this mountain moving faith that turns dry stones into bread. 

The Complete You Ministry

God Bless You.


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