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The Christmas Quest: How deep had I fallen that I should celebrate salvation or the savior?

In our daily devotional verses, we recently shared something called 'To you, a savior is born’ and the major message of the verse was that the true story of Christmas is the born of Jesus Christ, the true savior of mankind. But today, as I pondered on that Christmas-related article, I somehow thought it more helpful to share with you the exact trouble that Jesus saves us from. And this explains the birth of today’s leading article; how deep had I fallen that I should celebrate the savior?

Today’s Devotional Verses: Isaiah 9:6 and Luke 2:11. A son, the savior is born to you!

The prophecies of Isaiah are said to have been put down between 700 B.C and 650 B.C. In other words, the prophecy of the coming Messiah, Jesus Christ, was given to people about 700 years before! Amazing! Considering the context of our Chapter 9 today, it seems the context is about two nations or people (those of Israel and Syria-the nations to be destroyed) and also the people of Galilee (Judah).
Considering the previous chapter 8, God threatens to punish both Israel and Syria using Assyria and the sign would be the prophet’s son; “name the boy Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz, because the king of Assyria will take away all wealth and possessions of Damascus (the great city of Syria) and Samaria (the capital of Israel) before the boy learns to say ‘my father’ or ‘my mother’” (Isaiah 8:3-4, NCV)). Why? Disobedience as always (verse 6)

The Only Motivation for Everything; Reward (s) or call it ‘self-love’

Every action, every possible give-away is motivated by the reward (benefits) attached to it. That is the basic truth. There is no such thing as free or happening without attached strings or unconditional, not here on earth and not there in heaven. I am quite aware that saying that there is no such thing as free or unconditional in heaven raises questions and so I will explain it further in another paragraph. 
Have you checked out our book store yet? Do it now For God's sake, it is a lie for a CEO of a business or company X to claim that the number one reason He put up the business was to create jobs for others! That is not the real reason businesses are opened; creation of employment is an inevitable part of the company's process to its benefits or goals. If there was an option for companies to still be that productive without employing even one soul, then they would opt for that!
Read it from the horse’s mouth (Adam Smith); “it is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the br…

When God Takes Away Everything, He Gives Us the Best of It All; Himself!

Yesterday, I was unlucky. A boy of 6 years was brought in our emergency room. Before that (in the morning), he had been fully alive. He had even chatted with his mom in Britain and, yes, everything was beautiful for this family.

But the devil, Satan, was not happy. Accidentally, a neighbor who has a car just passed over the head of the boy soon after the grandmother had laid him on a mattress outside (I think the young boy had actually laid himself on the mattress the lovely grandmother had just put out to dry).

Salvation Truths (Part 2): What is Faith? What Does It Play In Our Salvation?

In our first part , we discussed what grace is and what it plays in our salvation or redemption story. And yes, you can first read that first article now. Today, let's look at faith alone.

The word ‘Faith’ simply means reliance, trust, dependence, or even hope. According to the Bible encyclopedia, the best way to define it is to consider the context or sentences in which it is used.

And following a deep analysis of all definitions and meaning (meanings and definitions that are actually close or much related) attributed to it, the Bible encyclopedia comes with a helpful conclusion;

“It is a reliance as simple as possible upon the word, power, love, of another, and precisely that which on man’s side, adjusts him to the living and merciful presence and action of a trusted God. It is man’s one possible receptive attitude, that in which he brings nothing, so that he may receive all. Faith is our side of union with Christ, and a means of possessing all His benefits, pardon, justification, …

Salvation Truths (Part 1): Grace, Faith, Obedience, And Good Works

Sometimes back, I wrote something like this; “there is no such thing as free will. Man is either a slave to sin or grace. And yet there is true freedom in slavery to grace”. It was a social media post and many friends reacted to it. While some agreed with the above Biblical position, others insisted that we are saved to be free from law and all it requires. And yet others insisted, that we shall be judged according to our works! 

And so we all got mixed up and I ended up promising to come up with a detailed article covering these truths. And today seems to be the day for the article, read on. 

Note: I will first look at each of the above truths (grace, faith, obedience, and Good works)  alone and then finally do the synthesis (joining the concepts). 

The final question to answer is this; how does the gift of faith in the saving grace of Jesus (God) bring about obedience and good work (s)?

Today's Devotional Verse: John 10:10. Full Life In Jesus Alone!

"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full" (NIV) 
Over the centuries, so many prophets and the so called 'men of God' have stood up and proclaimed different hundreds of ways and means one can find true and happy life. In my country here in Uganda, the few of the many means that men of God have put forward include, seeding (giving money and other things to God expecting payback of more than you have given), long periods of fasting, sprinkling with anointed water, oils, or rice, sacrifices like buying many church services for the dead or simply living in lack, pain, and suffering, and simply working on yourself as motivational speakers tell us! 
And you know what! The above confusion and spread of false doctrines is not happening in our times only, it's as old as man himself (better put; as old as Satan himself-he is the father of lies). In Jesus' days, the same claims existed that pointed pe…
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