The Only Motivation for Everything; Reward (s) or call it ‘self-love’

Every action, every possible give-away is motivated by the reward (benefits) attached to it. That is the basic truth. There is no such thing as free or happening without attached strings or unconditional, not here on earth and not there in heaven. I am quite aware that saying that there is no such thing as free or unconditional in heaven raises questions and so I will explain it further in another paragraph. 

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For God's sake, it is a lie for a CEO of a business or company X to claim that the number one reason He put up the business was to create jobs for others! That is not the real reason businesses are opened; creation of employment is an inevitable part of the company's process to its benefits or goals. If there was an option for companies to still be that productive without employing even one soul, then they would opt for that!

Read it from the horse’s mouth (Adam Smith); “it is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the Baker, that we expect our dinner but from their regard for their own interest. We address ourselves, not to their humanity but to their self-love”

Teaching any philosophy, any doctrine, any form of knowledge that asks subscribers to give and act without getting back or expecting no form of rewards or benefits is to fool around and weaken the real strength or motivation through which all activities are accomplished. And this is true in all forms of investments; spiritual, economic, political, social, and everything else on earth and heaven. To ask or teach the opposite is to enslave others.

We love because there are rewards. We go to school because there are rewards. We forgive others because there are rewards. We evangelize because there are rewards. We start charity organizations because there are rewards. We serve God because there are rewards. We smile because there are rewards. We eat because there are rewards. We go to church because there are rewards. 

It is because of rewards or benefits attached to whatever is done that makes it possible to be done. That is the inescapable truth. We call it Action-reward principle. 

I earlier talked of the same principle applying in heaven (that is to whatever God does too) and it is time I explain. God's love is unconditional not because there is nothing expected in return but because there is nothing we give back to God that wasn't His in the first place or that He wouldn't even do without. 

God is love. He loved us even before we knew Him or how to Love Him back. And that makes it unconditional. He loves us expecting us to love Him back (yet this loving Him back is also made possible and sustained by Him). 

So the principle still remains here; something should be paid back (some rewards or benefits should be served back) and yet He is still the source and creator of these rewards.
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In other words, God's love is conditional in some way. To enjoy His love and completely enjoy the fruits and satisfaction that comes with it, we need to have faith in Him and obedient to His word. That is conditional. But to be able to trust or have faith in Him and stay obedient to His word is possible only because He makes it possible. That makes His love unconditional. We do nothing in return and we do everything in return. Complex? We will get there. 

This is just the beginning. I am going to expand this topic and release it in a new e-book. Remember we had done something great about it before in the articles called Action-reward principle or philosophy part 1, 2, and 3.

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