Today’s Devotional Verses: Isaiah 9:6 and Luke 2:11. A son, the savior is born to you!

The prophecies of Isaiah are said to have been put down between 700 B.C and 650 B.C. In other words, the prophecy of the coming Messiah, Jesus Christ, was given to people about 700 years before! Amazing! Considering the context of our Chapter 9 today, it seems the context is about two nations or people (those of Israel and Syria-the nations to be destroyed) and also the people of Galilee (Judah).

Considering the previous chapter 8, God threatens to punish both Israel and Syria using Assyria and the sign would be the prophet’s son; “name the boy Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz, because the king of Assyria will take away all wealth and possessions of Damascus (the great city of Syria) and Samaria (the capital of Israel) before the boy learns to say ‘my father’ or ‘my mother’” (Isaiah 8:3-4, NCV)). Why? Disobedience as always (verse 6)

But wait! The above invasion of Syria and Israel would not end with the two nations only but Judah as well (see 2 Chronicles 28 and also 2 Kings 18). Judah was accused of inviting Assyria (the pagan nation) for help during the times the two nations of Syria and Israel (10 tribes) were against Judah; an act that plunged Judah into the dangerous sin of worshiping other gods (Assyrian gods). So this time Assyria would come for the above two nations (Syria and Israel), and the mightiness of the army would also swallow up Judah including Jerusalem (2 Kings 18:13).

And here is the interesting thing; it doesn’t end in destruction but redemption! See this; “make your plans for the fight, but they will be defeated. Give orders to your armies, but they will be useless, because God is with us” (Isaiah 8:10). In other words, just as Israel and Syria had always failed in their plots against Judah (2 Kings 16:5), Assyria would also not manage to destroy Jerusalem or Judah completely till the Messiah is born in that place. Oh how good the Lord is to His people, even when they are sinful!

Isn’t it Micah who warned; “Enemy, don’t laugh at me. I have fallen but I will get up again. I sit in the shadow of trouble now but the Lord will be a light for me. I sinned against the Lord, so he is angry with me, but he will defend my case in court. He will bring about what is right for me. The he will bring me out into the light and I will see him set things right” (Micah 7:8-9). God’s people are not forsaken even when they fall and, I suppose, it’s a dangerous temptation or trap to take advantage of God’s people when they fall or are in danger or are weak. Why? Because God, their parent, is still for them and not for you.

Chapter 9 comes with hope for the people of Judea (Galilee). The time was coming when people (both Jews and gentiles) would see light, raise their heads from shame and be upright, become happy and find everlasting joy just as farmers do after a great harvest or soldiers after a war victory (9:1-5). And do you see why the above is possible? Our verse comes into play well here; for to us, a savior is born. Jesus is the ONLY reason for any possible joy, conquer, peace, and everlasting life.

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Yes, Jesus would be given as a great gift from God. His name would be wonderful (indeed, everything about Christ was or is wonderful; his miraculous birth, his baptism, his knowledge and wisdom, his upright living, his teachings, miracles and wonders, his mercy, sympathy, humility, and meekness, his death and all that happened due to it, and yes, his resurrection. What is not wonderful about Him? Nothing!) Counselor (Yes, the wise one, one who was consulted in creation, and providence, in punishment of law-breakers of Gomorrah or even Babel, the redemption of His people and the salvation of man).

He is Mighty God, Powerful everlasting father, and Prince of Peace. Yes, Jesus is indeed God, the Mighty one who has revealed Himself through History and providence, prince of all princes (both good and bad, punishing the bad ones and rewarding good ones), and prince of peace (indeed, He is the author of peace in our hearts when He reconciles us with God and with ourselves and with our neighbors-the Jews and gentiles alike). And yes, His government shall have no end.

The above is the message, the true Christmas story. So Luke writes; Today in the town of David a savior has been born to you; he is Messiah, the Lord. While Luke’s message was written around 60 A.D, the message is in present tense bringing a direct application to whoever it is read to. “Today’, he says, “a savior has been born to you”. Jesus came for you and me. We had fallen far away from God’s glory. Our sinful nature makes us rotten, dead, smelly enemies of God who deserve nothing but punishment but God’s mercy and love extended much further and sought us from the deep darkness, the death. This is the Christmas message; God came for you, for us all.

And what are we required of? Nothing! God has come for us and demands nothing from us except accepting His good offer. For He plainly says it; God so loved the world (you) and gave up His only begotten, Son, to come and die for us so that whoever believes in Him (yes, in that mercy and sacrifice of his body and blood just for you, for us) will not perish (Romans 8:1) but shall have everlasting life (John 3:16).

And he again reminds you; see I stand at your door and I am knocking. If you listen to me and open up your door, promise you, I will come in and we share all I have for you (Revelation 3:20). And I kindly ask you brother or sister; won’t you open for Him really? I mean, aren’t you tired of the oppression and slavery to sin and Satan? He (Jesus) came just for you, to be with you, today and always. Give Him a chance in your life.

God Bless You


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