Today's Devotional Verse: John 10:10. Full Life In Jesus Alone!

"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full" (NIV) 

Over the centuries, so many prophets and the so called 'men of God' have stood up and proclaimed different hundreds of ways and means one can find true and happy life. In my country here in Uganda, the few of the many means that men of God have put forward include, seeding (giving money and other things to God expecting payback of more than you have given), long periods of fasting, sprinkling with anointed water, oils, or rice, sacrifices like buying many church services for the dead or simply living in lack, pain, and suffering, and simply working on yourself as motivational speakers tell us! 

And you know what! The above confusion and spread of false doctrines is not happening in our times only, it's as old as man himself (better put; as old as Satan himself-he is the father of lies). In Jesus' days, the same claims existed that pointed people to some source of life and salvation other than Jesus. And Jesus could not be without commenting on such. And John recorded well Jesus' comment; I am the true shepherd (John 10:11).


The whole chapter 10 starts with an open attack on Pharisees and all other false shepherds or ministers whose message didn't portray Jesus as the central. The Pharisees knew the law very well and yet would use it to divert people to false doctrines. 

It is important to note here that the law does not contradict the gospel of Jesus (after all, there are so many shepherds who even Jesus recognized himself; Moses, Joshua, Prophets, and so many more) but it's false preachers and wolves who misuse the law (just as many false teachers misuse the Bible today) and confuse the sheep. 

And so Jesus clearly says that He alone is the gate (verse 7) and also the good shepherd (verse 11). His sheep know Him and listen to His voice and just follow Him through the gate (Him) into the everlasting glory or fullness of life. 

That His sheep can know Him and be able to differentiate His voice from the ones of wolves and thieves (false pastors) speaks of the secret election of God. Yes, it means that those sheep have been graciously elected and given the Spirit of Wisdom and faith to discern truth from falsehoods. 

The above should be a motivation to us in the way that God or Jesus does not give us salvation and leave us to guard it or keep in it ourselves; He Himself closes the door and makes sure none of us wanders away from Him (Genesis 7:16). 

Our devotional verse is clearly saying that any message that leaves out Jesus as the only true gate and true shepherd (head of all true shepherds and who shepherds both true shepherds and the sheep altogether) to, not only life, but life in fullness is simply a gospel of destruction, murder and falsehoods. That Jesus gives us, not only life, but life in fullness is a confirmation that only God can provide and sustain our lives. 

While some scholars like to limit the above verse to spiritual provisions by God, I like to include that and everything else that makes life complete. Jesus is simply asking us, asking you to voluntarily and happily surrender your life to Him and He will make life full and more meaningful than it ever was or will be. 

The Bible says that it's only in Him (Jesus) we live, move, and have being (Acts 17:28). In other words, it's no longer about any provisions outside Him or from Him, but it's Him in us and us in Him. 

My dear brother and sister, there is a lot of confusion out here telling you, and us all that we can have breakthrough if we did this and that and I am confident to tell you that they are all lies. Unless the message carries Jesus as the centre or the heart of all that we do and think of, the message is wrong and the one telling it is a false shepherd and wolf who belongs to none but Satan, the father of all lies. 

Today, Jesus is asking you and us all to listen to His voice and follow Him into Himself (to put it straight; to believe in Him) for He is the only way, truth, and life and none goes to the father except through Him. And He promises us that once we have Him, we have, not only life (He is indeed life) but life in fullness (In Him, nothing is missing). 

Have you accepted Christ as your personal Lord and Savior yet? Do it now and find real living in Him only. 

God Bless You


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