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Life After School Graduation: How Do You Get Your First Job? Here Is Your Only Magic!

Did you know that Ugandan institutions release more than 400,000 fresh graduates each year? Did you know that Uganda can only provide only 90,000-150,000 jobs annually? (Oxfarm report, 2016/2017). Did you know that the youth unemployment in Uganda is at 83% (African Development Bank, 2013) or 63% (Action-Aid, 2012) or 64%? (UBOS, 2012). Even me I don’t know which statistics to believe! 

 In 2014, Alon Mwesigwa wrote in the guardian that we have about 40,000 graduates each year with only 8,000 jobs available. But New Vision reported in 2015 that only Makerere University released about 10,000 graduates into the job market and Daily monitor had reported the same university to have released more than 11,000 graduates into the market in 2012. Considering that we have very many private and public universities and institutions, then it is possible to release about 400,000 youths graduates into the market every year.

The mystery: How can the fight (pain, sacrifices, and self-denial) for faith be Jubilant? Explaining the Joy Found in Pain

The Bible asks us to delight in God (Psalm 37:4). The same word of God emphasizes that we are blessed if we delight in God’s law and meditate on His laws day and night (see Psalm 1). And yes, as John Piper likes to quote, it’s not an advise to delight in the Lord, but a command! And yet the same word of God clearly states that this call to enjoy God is not an easy road.  To enjoy God (or delight in Him) is a fight.
Yes, to have Jesus at the center of our lives is not an easy work. It’s a painful experience of dying to self, refusing to obey the desires of our bodies, and fighting to walk in the will of God. it’s pain; it’s the narrow gate; it’s a way of self-denial-dying to self and living for Christ. 
And here is the mystery; how does God expect us to enjoy Him through pain? (here, the word ‘enjoy’ or ‘delight’ is emotional and involves feeling; it is not just an academic concept. It’s a life of the soul signaling pleasure, happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction). How can following Ch…

Today's Devotional Verse: Psalm 37:4. God Shall Give You All Your Heart's Desires!

Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart (Psalm 37:4, NIV).Hello friends, the Lord is promising you, promising us all that if we delight in him, he will provide for our desires. However, you and I know it well (out of experience) that actually He doesn't provide for our desires always. And neither does He give us every time we ask yet He said; ask, you shall receive. Knock, and the door shall be opened. Seek, and you shall find (Matthew 7:7-8)! 
What's is wrong? For our God to promise us in His word and then not deliver accordingly possibly means two things; He is a liar (or can't manage to provide for all we desire) Or we don't meet the conditions; the delighting, the asking, the seeking, the knocking! What do you think is really wrong?
For us to judge well what could be wrong, let's go back to the text and digest well what it says!  First and foremost, the verse is conditional; delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of y…

Today is my birthday and here is my message; make your new year's resolutions!

I know and I am aware of the advice from different bloggers and writers that new year's resolutions don't work, but again I say; make them if you haven't yet. And do you know why I say so? Of course it's because they work! Did I say they work? Yes, you heard me well; they really work.
Psychologists say that the New Year's resolutions or any resolutions taken on a special day or event work because such days or events like new year, birthday, wedding day, graduation day, introduction day, or even burial day or day of death dictate a clear distinctive line between you of the days before and you of the days to come after such an event. 
Yes, the new year's day somehow defines a milestone in one's life that tries to preach to us that the past is gone and we can do something entirely new in a new year. A day like a graduation day makes a person feel he has grown up, has become someone else, and thus can do or even stop doing things that he was himself or was doing …

New Year 2018 Message: Don’t Be Deceived! New Year’s Resolutions Work And Here Is How!

Wow, congratulations! Thank God for making it to the new year of 2018 and, yes, some thing, oh no, I mean so many things should change about you. And you know what! That is God’s will as well; seriously, I don’t imagine God willing and wishing you to spend 2018 just as you did 2017 without climbing new heights. Yes, I don’t imagine Him doing that!

What have I said? I have said that God will it so you can explore new heights in 2018. But then if God wills so and you and I know that sometimes our new year’s resolutions don’t materialize, what exactly can explain that? I mean, what makes some of our new year’s resolutions fail to work out? And what can we do about it? Well, before I answer these questions, allow me take you back to 2014 when we, at The Complete You Ministry, started publishing the new year’s messages.
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