Today is my birthday and here is my message; make your new year's resolutions!

I know and I am aware of the advice from different bloggers and writers that new year's resolutions don't work, but again I say; make them if you haven't yet. And do you know why I say so? Of course it's because they work! Did I say they work? Yes, you heard me well; they really work.

Psychologists say that the New Year's resolutions or any resolutions taken on a special day or event work because such days or events like new year, birthday, wedding day, graduation day, introduction day, or even burial day or day of death dictate a clear distinctive line between you of the days before and you of the days to come after such an event. 

Yes, the new year's day somehow defines a milestone in one's life that tries to preach to us that the past is gone and we can do something entirely new in a new year. A day like a graduation day makes a person feel he has grown up, has become someone else, and thus can do or even stop doing things that he was himself or was doing and saying and start afresh. And seriously, it works!

Listen to Psychologist Holly Parker make this clear for you; 

"These sorts of time markers (the special events like the new year's day) stoke the fires in our belly to make a change for the better.  Why?  Because as we pass over such a threshold in time, we’re able to create some distance between who we were in the past and who we are today.  When we see our current self as new and distinct from our prior self–you know, the one with all those flaws and bumbles–we feel more capable of marching forward and taking on new goals and challenges"

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Have you got the point?

Yes, we are saying that you are now different (you should be) from who you were in 2017. And indeed this is a psychological thing (spiritual more) for its up to us to believe in the change. Our comedian Kansiime was saying that we should not be excited for the New Year for the only thing that changes or has changed is the date on the calendar, otherwise we still have the same phones, husbands and wives, jobs, and houses, and everything. And she is right; this change can only be true in you first for the physical structures outside us have indeed remained the same! 

They (new year’s resolutions) work or worked for me!

Seriously, we almost all make new year's resolutions (consciously or unconsciously). Yes, we begin going to school, get promoted in our classes, accomplish some travels we had arranged, fulfill promises we had made, especially paying salaries and debts that were being guided or demanded on time period (especially yearly), and so much more simply because it’s a new year. 

There are so many things that change in government, our economy, our houses and communities, in our churches, and our personal lives simply because we have moved into a new year. And so no one can deny the impacts or changes (failures or successes) that come with new year. The only difference is if we are being driven unconsciously by such changes or we are consciously participating and controlling those new year's changes to our advantage. Think about it! 

At least I started thinking about and making new year's resolutions when I was in high school. The commencement and completion of my first book THE 3 LOVES WE NEED was one of those high school new year's resolutions. And it worked. 


When I joined college, I made a lot of many new year's resolutions and many worked. Yes, it's then I released my beautiful song Jesus teach me love. And I managed to wind up with a career then simply because I would make new year's resolutions and activate them for the 3 years the whole program took me. The only and greatest achievement that I registered then and it wasn't about a new year's resolution was meeting Winnie, my beloved wife. Yeah, I didn't program or plan to really meet her or fall in love with her. 
After college, I made so many new year's resolutions. Finding my first job was one of them! Did you read the story of how I got my first job? You can read it here! It was tough. Starting up The Complete You Ministry, visiting Winnie's family, doing introduction, wedding, going for further studies, upgrading the work at The Complete You Ministry, going for masters in Bible and Theology, finding new jobs, new friends, planning on having a child, and everything else we have accomplished on both individual (for example, reading books) and family basis has been about new year's resolutions. And yes, it worked! 

Of course, there are some new year's resolutions that don't work or even didn’t work for me. Actually, even psychologist Holly Parker confesses that about 8-10‰ of all new year's resolutions only work but I stand here and tell you; it can be different for you, for me, for us all! How can we achieve this?

Make your new year's resolutions

I ask again; have you made your new year's resolutions? Do you know the secret behind having most of your new year's resolutions work out? I mean, don't you agree that the New Year sets us a distance apart from who we were in 2017 and who we are or should be in this new year of 2018? Today is my birthday and I wanted to celebrate it by influencing you and others to make a change, yes, a positive change. Make your new year's resolutions and work it out.

We have shared so many other articles on how to accomplish your goals or plans made but the general advice remains this; find God's will and try to have your new year's resolutions fall into God's will and desire, make less resolutions to achieve more, have a changed unconscious mind that agrees with your conscious decision to make change, be specific with what you need by putting it down. And yes, have a plan of achieving everything. 

We called this plan THE SUCCESS PROCESS in our 2015 new year's message

Check all our new year's messages here and discover the secrets behind making real, achievable, and God's will-aligned new year's resolutions and celebrate the end of year or years always with something new and amazing in your life.

4. 2017 new year’s message (video or text)

It's important to note here that achievements or success should not only be in terms of material possessions but anything exciting and life-giving added onto your life, for example, finding Jesus, reading a book, or having your whole life perspective change and life purpose discovered. This calls for individualistic kind of resolutions; don't look at others, but you and God consider what you exactly need or your heart's true longings for this new year. 

I have already made my new year’s resolutions and reading and studying throughout the whole bible is on the list. Make yours!

Tell me; Happy Birthday to you dear Vicent or Nemvicx

God bless you and bless you a lot in 2018


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