Today's Devotional Verse: Psalm 37:4. God Shall Give You All Your Heart's Desires!

Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart (Psalm 37:4, NIV).

Hello friends, the Lord is promising you, promising us all that if we delight in him, he will provide for our desires. However, you and I know it well (out of experience) that actually He doesn't provide for our desires always. And neither does He give us every time we ask yet He said; ask, you shall receive. Knock, and the door shall be opened. Seek, and you shall find (Matthew 7:7-8)! 
What's is wrong? For our God to promise us in His word and then not deliver accordingly possibly means two things; He is a liar (or can't manage to provide for all we desire) Or we don't meet the conditions; the delighting, the asking, the seeking, the knocking! What do you think is really wrong?

For us to judge well what could be wrong, let's go back to the text and digest well what it says! 
First and foremost, the verse is conditional; delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. In other words, don't delight in God and your desires aren't met. Secondly, the desires talked of are the true desires of your heart (not 'you' but 'your heart'). 

What are these desires? David still helps us; I enjoy living by your rules as people enjoy great riches (Psalm 119:14). Your rules give me pleasure; they give me good advice (Psalm 119:24). David is saying that his desires and pleasures are deeply falling in love with God, His word. In other words, the desires of our (your) heart are actually not money, cars, sex, and power; they are more; your (our) sin is not in desiring so much, but so little! 

What is to delight in the Lord? Delight means what? It means satisfaction, joy, fulfillment, pleasure, and completeness. To delight in the Lord is to find satisfaction and complete fulfillment in Him and only Him. It's making God your number one; the center of everything! 


The verse is simply saying that if God is to be the answer to our heart's desires, then He should be the Lord (King) in our lives. If God is to provide us with all we ask for, then we should be closer to him. Do you get this conditional relationship? Let Jesus summarize it for us; 

"If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you" (John 15:7). The condition is to remain in Him and His word in us (this is not as a hurtful command, but we should actually enjoy it-'delight in the Lord and His laws' just as David explains in Psalm 119).

And here is the secret; when we delight in God and His laws, our desires are no longer natural desires of a carnal man but great spiritual desires of the heart and soul of a renewed man! That is the deal. 

The desires talked of are not simply cars, money, health, and sex (though these can as well be given if deemed appropriate but they are not guaranteed and we can't easily tell when they are appropriate or not) but the deep desires of our soul and heart of eternally living with God. 

Maybe you (we) don't feel like the above desires are indeed the ones we long for but that is exactly because we still have some lack or shortage in our delighting in the Lord. And yes, when examined deeply, our true inside desires are not sex, money, power, and health (those are diversions of an already starved heart and soul). 

God is true to His word. What He promised, He fulfills. When things are not working as per the promises, then something is wrong. And this must be wrong with us, the ones that shift our goal posts in relation to our promises with our God. Dear brother and sister, God wants your heart to find delight in Him and Him alone and He will happily grant you all the desires of your heart. 

NB: We have written many articles to explain some gaps in this one, but we hope you have got the real message of the verse. Some of these other articles explore; 

2. How does everything conditional in these verses laterbecome unconditional? It's because finally God (not us) pays up the conditions He Himself demands of us. So mysterious!

 And so many more, visit for more of these. 

God Bless You


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