Despite Their Failure To Sustain Their Claims, Why Do We Still Have Evolutionists? And What Can You Do About It?

For centuries, there has been hot debate between theologians (or rather Christians) and evolutionists (or rather atheists) about the creation of the world, man, and all that is in the world. As it looks now, this debate has seriously subsided as many atheists and evolutionists fail to sustain their claims. And so, the question hits us hard; what makes such a weak argument still remain among many people? And what can you as a follower of Christ do about it? But wait! First things first; what is it all about?
Evolution versus creation theories

The evolution theory simply states that the earth as we know it plus all that is in it originated from accidental causes that evolved into the design we have now over billions of years. Championed by Darwin, the theory strongly proposes that the origin of species (both among us as people, animals, and plants) can be attributed to our competition to survive in which case weaker genes or species are consistently eliminated and suppressed by the stronger species (survival for the fittest).

The creation theory, on the other hand, suggests that actually the world as we know and all that is in it was created by God. This, as evidenced in the Bible is the ultimate explanation for the existence and sustainability of everything.

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In early days (at least since the publication of Darwin’s Origin of species writings in 1859), the above war was hot, very hot, but modern science as championed by Isaac Newton did more harm to evolutionists than to creationists in as far as evidence or proof is concerned. No matter how far evolutionists push the line (explaining antibiotic resistance as form of ‘natural selection’ thing), so many things and fundamental questions remain hanging. 

And seriously, we no longer have staunch evolutionists (genuine evolutionists and even stronger atheists of all times have confessed their fall!) but ‘stubborn zombies’ whose eyes are blind to good news and are simply matching onto hell.

To really get the stand for the above paragraph, read Don Batten’s 15 Questions for Evolutionists here. But who is Don Batten? Find his simple biography here.

But where did we come from? Evolved or Created?

Seriously, this question is as important as this; is Jesus God? In theology, we have about 3 categories or levels of doctrine or beliefs and the question regarding creation or evolution lies in category 1 (or level 1). Wait! What are these levels?

Level 1-doctrines (also called dogmas) are faith-related beliefs that are fundamental to every Christian at every level. In other words, lose them, lose faith! Destroy them, you have destroyed the gospel. For example, the doctrine of trinity, creation, the first sinning, the incarnation and death of Jesus for sins, the second coming of Christ, the heaven and hell or new heaven and earth, and others. These are fundamental pillars of our faith and salvation.

Level 2 doctrine (simply called doctrines) are also fundamental but are prone to discussion, and disagreements on them may not necessarily endanger someone’s faith. These are the real issues that mark different Christian denominations and churches; protestants and Baptists, Presbyterians and Calvinists, and many more. For example, the sacraments, the Baptism of young or old children (do we immerse in water or pour little water on forehead?), and many more.

3rd level doctrines (simply referred to as beliefs) can be reduced to an individual level. These can as well be different cultures and ways of doing things in different churches. In other words, we can all be Christians and attending one church denomination yet we have different take on different issues like; the number of creation week, the meaning of millennium as in apocalyptic books like Revelation, the order of creation (what did God create on what day), and so many other arguments. Christians can be patient and tolerant with each other when it comes to these issues for they rarely, I mean never (unless our disagreements become the start of the sin) interfere with our faith.

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And I have already said that where someone belongs in relation to creation and evolution theories lies in level 1 doctrines. Why do you think so? The belief about your origin says a lot about the belief about your end. If we are wrongly informed about our origin and the cause of our existence, we shall indeed fail on pretty many faith-related virtues like love, care for one another, trust in God as giver and 'sustainer' of life, and our faith in His ‘creation of the world and man for His Glory’ will be at stake. 

Can you imagine what it would be like if we all believed that it’s all about survival for the fittest? Murdering hundreds or thousands of those thought to be weak genes or races would not be bad. How about rights and justice and freedoms for the weak, the poor, the lame, deaf, and the sick? Why would a competing organism help its rivalry to recover from sickness? Can we be moral beings like we are minus God?

Maybe, nobody makes this clearer as this guy; creation versus evolution-why does it matter?

Despite their failure to sustain their arguments, why do evolutionists still exist?

I have on many occasions said that the problem with evolutionists and all other forms of atheism is lack of knowledge and deep study of other people’s work especially in the fields of theology, Biblical archeology, anthropology, and philosophy. Whenever you read into atheist-originated article (like the one I last-time shared from the UK’s the guardian), you can notice the shallowness, bias, and lack of deep theological and Biblical content for the theological points such atheist is trying to trash away. 

And when I made this observation, I wasn’t confident enough until I met Don Batten;

So, why do evolutionists persist with their spurious theory? For many it’s because they have never heard anything else. For avowed materialists it’s the ‘only game in town’—the only materialistic story available to explain how everything came to be; the materialist’s creation myth. It’s a bit like the proverbial ostrich putting its head in the sand, thinking that all that exists is what it can see under the sand. The ostrich’s worldview excludes everything that it does not find convenient. In the darkness of the sand, all unacceptable facts cease to exist.

The persistence of evolutionary thinking in the face of so much contradictory evidence indicates that the philosophical presupposition of materialism (atheism) is being permitted to trump the facts. The paradigm has priority, no matter what the evidence, because the secularist ‘cannot allow a divine foot in the door.’” See his full article here.

Do I have to add anything else? Nothing except to ask you to read this as well;

The fundamental question; what can you do about the existence of evolutionists and other forms of atheism?

Romans Chapter 1 expresses or rather confirms the creation story in Genesis that the world and all that is in it was created by God. Paul goes on and condemns atheists that they shall have no excuse when God’s anger turns on them since they shall have seen God in His creation and stubbornly resisted. This natural true knowledge about God constructed through observing nature constitutes what is called natural theology.

Unfortunately, natural theology alone cannot save them, not even those who believe in creation story; salvation is brought by and through the gospel of Christ’s grace and atonement of our sins on cross and ultimately our faith or belief in that gospel (Romans 10:14-15). Can you see our work here? Yes, our work is to preach the gospel unceasingly. This is the great commission of all Christians; to proclaim Christ’s death, mercy, forgiveness, and resurrection (Matthew 2:19) and make disciples of all nations, including atheists and evolutionists. Yes, they shall be saved if God wills so.

God bless you

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