We Never Wanna Worship God, But We Are Moved!

We don't worship God because we want to; we worship Him because we are moved to. None of us has the desire to give glory and praise to God, not even the most humble ones among us. But when we see God, experience the mystery of His love and greatness, we stand in awe and have no any other option but to worship. As I had already stated, worshiping and all things we do in obedience are not our doing but God's! 

I have been looking at some biblical verses that call us into worshiping God; Hebrew 12:28-29 (therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe for our God is a consuming fire), Romans 12:1-2 (therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God-this is your true and proper worship). We worship God in admiration and awe of His love and greatness and not because we want to or are asked to. 

Actually, God Himself makes it clear that it's this kind of worship that He seeks. It's only when God's grace or Spirit opens our eyes and ears to His greatness that we worship Him truly; those who worship God in Spirit are the ones He approves or He seeks or He enjoys (John 4:24). And those who worship Him simply because it's a duty or they have forced or asked to are actually not worshiping Him at all (1 Samuel 15:22; Isaiah 29:13). But what is worshiping? 

Deducting from all the above truths, then worshiping God is not something separate from your knowing His greatness. I don't know the words to use here but I don't mean the academic knowing of God but the Spiritual knowing of Him. Worshiping God is knowing Him, in His greatness and thus being moved by just that. You don't see God (one thing) and then go and worship Him (another), no, when you see God who He truly is, you worship Him. In other words, seeing God is same as believing in Him. And believing in Him is exactly pleasing Him or worshiping Him. 

If someone doesn't believe in Jesus, the number one reason is because He actually doesn't know Jesus. I have argued with thousands of Christians on this! We don't believe in God simply because we don't know Him; we haven't met Him, haven't seen Him, haven't experienced His love, haven't seen Him as God. That is the truth. 

So, we just keep arguing, telling evangelists that we even know more than they know; we have read the Bible from page to page, have attended churches, have fasted, and prayed all sorts of prayers. We know what we are talking about; those issues of Jesus and God are all lies, people (elites) always argue. But surely, here is the fact; you don't know God. You are blind to the glory of God in Jesus Christ as revealed in His own word by Holy Spirit. You can't see God and not worship, and not believe!

And yet you can't see God if He doesn't open up your eyes! If you are not worshiping God in all ways, the problem isn't anywhere but your experience of Him. And so, our prayer everyday should be this; God, please, kindly show me more of you. Oh Lord, reveal your greatness to me. Oh God, allow me see even a small part of your beauty, of your glory. Please God, drench me in your love, kindness, mercy and greatness. Amen. 

Brothers and sisters, here is the mystery of all of this; God demands from us that which we can't provide and He Himself can provide. Why do i say so? We can't believe minus seeing Him in His word. And we can't hear Him if nobody preaches to us. And nobody can preach to us if he isn't sent. And no one can be sent if Jesus doesn't do the sending. He does the sending, follows up on the mission, to preaching, to revealing Himself to you, then to you believing in Him and rejoicing in His mercy. And that pleases Him. That is worshiping God; to rejoice in His mercy; to find satisfaction in nothing else but in Him alone. 

John Piper Says; God is glorified in us when we are satisfied in Him. 

Next time, we shall look at how the gospel of prosperity and success in this world brings down God's greatness (the saving greatness of God) to this small god with small tasks of providing us with money, physical health, power, fame, and security of our physical homes, the same services which a serious and dedicated human king or man can also service. When did God become that cheap to deal with such cheap issues? And how can such a God make someone stand in awe, the kind of awe that saves? 

God, please, help me and all those reading this see more of you. Amen

God bless you



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