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Christians In The Eyes Of Others, Part 1

Are We Carrying Jesus Christ's Picture?
The non Christians have recently built up perceptions about us the Christians, and yes, these perceptions are not good, not at all. And the worst part of it is; they are real. 
A study done by David Kinnaman of the Barna group reveals that the outside world no longer look at Christians as true representative of the true church and Jesus, but as game players like anyone else in this life.

Am I My Brother's Keeper? We Still Ask God!

The Dream To Win By Making Others Lose! I already said, we cannot win when others are losing. Or simply put; you are not winning by making others lose! 
Crane Bank and UTLToday, I was reading through the business magazine of Uganda and oh my God! Did it ever cross your mind that UTL fell because Libya and Maumar Gaddafi were no more? How about Crane Bank? Do you know that the fall of crane bank and other businesses in 2016 are main reasons for the inflation?

You Can Be Restored To Your Happy Life or Even Far Beyond If You Do These 5 Steps!

Have you ever lost a grand opportunity for your life and you are beating yourself over it? I mean, is your life in shambles and you are wondering if you can ever recover? I have got something for you today.
What is it? Restoration is true and possible! 
You see, sometimes it is hard to believe that our losses in life can be restored or even better things happen to us after terrible life wreckage. Yes, after so many years of tears and pain in wrong marriage, struggling businesses or health or collapsing relationships and enthusiasm or even loss of the only job you ever had, it is hard (not for you alone but for us all) to believe that there is another way (or another life beyond that pain we are accustomed to), but I wanna tell you this; yes, your life and happiness can be restored!
Our God is not God of one chance, one time opportunity like so many have made you believe; our God gives us second and third and fourth chances. Our chances end when we die, yes, it is only then that we are fi…

Your Motivation: Revise Your Identity And Demand What You Deserve.

Today is the day you could revise who you really are and what you deserve.
You are a son of God and you deserve the best. You see, at times and at some point in life, we are deceived into seeing ourselves from our family's point of view or even that of our education, beauty or friends, and in most cases we under-grade ourselves basing on these parameters. But the truth is that you are totally different from your family, education, religion, culture, physical beauty and or friends; you are a child of the most high God.
The truth is that the world is going to provide for us basing on our expectations.

Do You Really Need Connections Before You Can Have What You Need?

People And Connections To People!

You don't need connections to reach everybody who is powerful, sometimes you just gonna do it crazily. And you know what! It works. That is how i got a job! 
Ugandans, not only Ugandans by the way, have grown up with the mindset that you need powerful connections to access powerful people, and I think that is a bad idea. 
Up to now, there are people who cannot go to Mulago hospital before they know a nurse or a doctor on personal basis who will help them.  Yes, there are people who won't go to the police unless they have a relative there who will help them. And still many people cannot bother looking for jobs, all they ever know is that jobs can be got if someone connected you! 
That is bad! I mean, very bad. 

Sometimes Giving Up or Letting Go is All You Need!

Hey flower,

I think some of you guys got puzzled by the title of this article, but also a big number of you must be familiar with the concept!
Well, like many other inspirational writers and speakers, I have always asked YOU to be courageous and not give up on your initiations and projects or even on life, and yet I am daring enough to appear with almost a contradicting point today!
Sorry about that, but let’s face it.
Face what? The fact; giving up may at times be the wisest and most brave decision you can ever make!
Listen, even though a big chunk of people out here are living lesser than they were meant for on reasons of giving up and easily letting go, a big number of other friends are still hustling because they are too weak to give up or let go.
The other day I was chatting with a friend of mine who has been in a hurtful relationship for more than 4 years. As she narrates her story, you can easily read in her words that she is scared of being without this terrible man; she cannot imag…