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Seeing The Truth Through The Minority: What about the remaining small percentage?

In psychology, willpower studies reveal that actually more than 80% of man's actions and choices are passive, needing no serious self control before they are made. However, it is noted that the small percentage (maybe 20, 10, 5 or even 1%) of willpower is the one responsible for the conscious hard decisions and choices that have shaped man into what he is now in terms of all life developments and achievements. In other words, our lives are actually what they are simply because of the small percentage of self control or willpower!

Let's use analogy; According to car manufacturers, the car is about 99% straight ahead facing front and the steering wheel is included to only control the 1% remaining! That is a surprising fact. And yet, it is clear even to everyone that almost 100% of the same car's destinations would not be made if there was no steering wheel. In other words, the success of the car is actually about the only 1% and not more about the 99%. Did you hear me well? N…

The Fight Against Charismatic Prosperity And Miracles Gospel: Carefully Avoid Falling Into Either Of The Two Dangerous Extremes!

For the past good years, charismatic movement has been on rise and terrifying and, as many reformed theologians have warned, this movement is very dangerous to the very gospel of Jesus that saves. According to many Bible defenders and preachers (I inclusive, I guess), this movement has put forward prosperity, miracles, and material success as the pillars of the gospel they preach and this is totally not the whole mission Jesus came and died for on earth!

Jesus came to save the world from sin and all its effects, including suffering and pain. However, as the Bible clearly states, man cannot totally be free from suffering and pain while still on earth, the earth that is full of sin and also still under the rule of evil one (Satan). In other words, Christians are on a journey to their final victory and success and that shall come true when Christ comes again (the second coming of Jesus).

NB: Details of prosperity gospel and surrounding controversies and actually what the Bible Says abo…

How And Why You Should Love Your Enemy Part 1: Revisiting Martin Luther King Jr’s texts on Matthew 5:43-48

In the great book, The 3 Loves We Need, I wrote; “Love means to commit oneself without guarantee; to give oneself completely in the hope that our love will produce love in the loved person. This means it is not always to be loved the way we love. Sometimes we love our enemies and those who can’t recognize our hearts for them, but we need to do our part and leave the rest to God. The bibles says that we love God because he first loved us (1 John 4:19). Jesus loves all, but some don’t want even to hear His name sound in their ears”.
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Groundless Faith or Let's Call It 'Non-Informed Faith' Cannot Save You!

What is Groundless faith? For some time back, I highlighted about a French mathematician, philosopher and Christian apologetic, Blaise Pascal, and it's time I bring you to one of his most influential thoughts in the world of theology; Pascal's Wager (You can find this in the book, Pensees, thought number 233. Remember Pascal died at a young age of 39 in 1662).

So many Christians may not explain the reasons for their faith! When asked why (evidence and proof) they believe God exists or that Jesus died and rose, they simply say it is the best option they have. To some, this does not mean that they don't have the reasons or proof but simply cannot explain or express it (we will later come back to this).

But to some many more, they are simply betting, wagering, taking chance on a side that bears no risks (this is the main issue in this article). In other words, we are saying that we don't have the compelling truth and evidence that indeed God exists or that Jesus died for u…

Unselfishness Vs Love: The Wrong Gospel of Sacrifices, Pain and Cross!

The preacher of sacrifice and pain and carrying the cross believes that by inflicting pain on himself and living in lack, despair and harsh conditions, he is somehow paying God for his sins and buying His sympathy or forgiveness. That is the wrong message.

The self sacrifice and pain itself is a wastage if through it we don't become better or have good fruits. In other words, our God is not moved by the sacrifice, pain, fasting, or any kind of self lack per se but He is moved by what we become through such pain.

C. S Lewis had highlighted about this when he said that modern Christians may be tempted to put the word 'unselfishness' in the same box with the word 'love' but,  as warned by Lewis, that would be a mistake.

The Call of St. Matthew And What It Means To You.

Matthew (originally, Levi) was a public tax collector in Capernaum. Actually, Judah was under Roman Empire and all taxes were to be sent to Roman emperor. Because Matthew was taxing his fellow countrymen and actually cheating them as to make some profits for himself, he was hated by his fellow Jews, the same way (or even worse) they hated the Romans that were harassing them.

And yes, it is when Matthew had woken up, set up his table as usual and collecting taxes that Jesus passes by and asks him to follow him!

As Max Lucado wrote, "you could wonder what these two (Jesus and Matthew) saw in each other!". Matthew had been corrupted by love for money and greed. All he cared about was getting taxes, profits and pay tributes to his bosses as required. He was not only a taxi collector but a smelly one!

Bobi Wine's Victory Speech: The Best rhetorical, motivational, and yet political speech in Uganda's History!

If you have read many speeches done by our political leaders here, including those of our president, our MPs, or even lawyers or public relations officers of our ministries, you know the terrible truth; they are boring and lack navigation (they are mixed up, with paragraphs and ideas not giving into each other). Yes, at least I have come across tens of them, and believe me, they are very horrible (sometimes I wonder if these guys ever studied English composition, letter writing or something like that!