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I and Amulen Winfred (my beloved wife) started THE COMPLETE YOU MINISTRY in 2014 (to be exact; on 05/09/2014). This was only one year after we had finished our studies in a nursing college and only 3 months after we both had been enrolled in public service in Mulago National Referral hospital in Uganda. 

This idea had flashed in my mind some years back but couldn’t enforce it due to different factors. However, as I always quote, things that we love most will always come back to us! And so on 05/09/2014, the project was penned down and allowed to be born.

The Ministry was and is largely still an online ministry with a mission to empower the world to live a complete life through the written (largely) and preached word of God. Yes, the ministry is involved in different projects and activities and the overall goal is; to bring or present the gospel to the world in its fullest.

Really, it has been so good and we have shared as many inspirational, motivational, and life changing articles and books as much as possible. At first (during its formation), it was named The Complete You Project, but we later decided to change the name to The Complete You Ministry on 01/09/2016 for the this new title sounded more broad and accommodating the many things we do or intend to do. And indeed it sounded more meaningful in relation to our ministering to others.

NB: This is not a church ministry or something like that; it is simply a personal online ministry that finds joy in sharing Christ's word especially through online writings. However, being a family foundation, every family business and project shall come under this same grand name and reflecting the same grand purpose and mission.
Why the name ‘The Complete You Ministry’

Centered on the Scriptures; John 10:10, we believe that when Jesus said that He came to give life in fullness or abundance, He didn’t exactly mean the spiritual dimension of life only but everything that makes up life. 

To accept that Jesus or God is enough for all our life’s aspects is different from saying that material possessions or prosperity are God’s guarantees and promises to us. However, it is indeed saying that God takes care of us wholesomely whether in lack or abundance in a way that we (both the physically rich and poor) end up confessing; “I am really satisfied”.

The Complete You Ministry aims at bringing that healing gospel of Christ to the nations. Yes, we believe and declare that God’s word has authority, not in our spiritual affairs only, but in all affairs of man. 

Where it (Bible) doesn’t explicitly say something or set a guideline to follow, it still has general principles and directions that God’s people should take in every situation. In the same way, we believe that the presence of Christ as the Lord and savior of our lives makes Him not only the Lord and caretaker of our spiritual lives but all our life’s issues as whole. 

Having Jesus thus equals to having everything (whatever meaning you give it, that’s up to you), and everything, is everything indeed. 

We have tried to explain this in our article ‘still thinking of Matthew Chapter 6’ and also the book “in defense of total Christian prosperity gospel”

In these explanations, we explain that even when God doesn’t bless us with physical healing, wealth, and power, we should be able to confess with Paul; I am glad I am weak! (and the gladness or joy or happiness in weakness of our bodies or poverty should be real! That is satisfaction).

Let us remind ourselves of our mission, vision and goals


To revive the world back to the complete life that God meant for us when He said, “I came to give life-life in all its fullness”.


To see an empowered community that finds satisfaction and fulfillment in all that Jesus is to them.

Ø  Helping the world come up with the true meaning of life and adapt the right ways to acquire and maintain it through the power or influence of God’s word.

Ø  Empowering people in all walks of life to enjoy and share the motivation and inspiration with others around the world.

Ø  Working with other agencies and individual writers and pastors for the common goal or mission.

Ø  Helping people develop and use their talents and gifts for positive society change and personal development.

NEMEYIMANA VICENT (NEMVICX), CEO @ The Complete You Ministry

About the Author

Nemeyimana Vicent (Nemvicx) is a professional nurse and public health officer, an inspirational author, singer, and speaker Currently, he is pursuing masters in biblical and theological studies at Worldwide Evangelical Seminary. He does blogging at www.nemvicx.com. Vicent is married to Amulen Winfred (also a professional midwife and counselor). They currently live in Kampala, from where they serve God and others.


  1. I really love our work and i am grateful to my sweetheart for being part of this. We love you all


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